Universidade Nova de Lisboa

NOVA - international rankings

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa stands out in the main international rankings.

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Scientific Publications

NOVA's Repository aims to collect, store, manage, preserve and give access to the university's intellectual production

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NOVA promotes and encourages mobility for both incoming and outgoing students and offers opportunities for studying, teaching and researching abroad.

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Courses Catalogue

We welcome you to explore NOVA’s academic offerings.
Our catalogue provides a description of the courses offered at NOVA as well as useful information about our Schools.

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NOVA’s research programmes and centres produce cutting-edge work in a wide range of areas. Join our University and have the opportunity to achieve excellence.

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NOVA promotes entrepreneurial learning designed to help students acquire tools, develop skills and cultivate the mindset central to launch and manage successful new ventures.

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Distance learning courses provide the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world. NOVA offers various online opportunities to enable a successful learning experience.


Doctoral School

NOVA Doctoral School offers to 3rd cycle students and supervisors a range of complementary and transferable activities that will support their personal and professional development.

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