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NOVA Idea Competition

Do you have an idea for a business but don´t know what to do next?  
Do you want to write a success story? Need €2.000? €5.000? €8.000? 
Then you must register and participate in the NOVA IDEA COMPETITION.

The NOVA IDEA COMPETITION is an annual initiative of the Entrepreneurship Office of the Rectory of NOVA that aims to give students an integrated learning experience.

This initiative is directed to all students of NOVA who must form teams with three elements from at least two different NOVA schools.

The main objectives of this initiative are: 

  1. Encourage the entrepreneurship culture among students of NOVA
  2. Promote multidisciplinary and cross-cultural work as teams are formed from students of different schools
  3. Reinforce the entrepreneurship training at NOVA schools

Evaluation Criteria

The Juri will evaluate the Business Plans according to the following criteria:

  1. Size of potential market defined in the Business Plan
  2. Quality of the team, measured by qualifications, diversity and complementarity of its members;
  3. Quality of the idea, measured by the explanation by the team of market needs versus  product/service/technology capabilities to fulfill those
  4. Innovation of the idea;
  5. Capacity of quantification of the key business elements
  6. Quality of the business strategy
  7. Suitability of the funding structure presented


14-05-2017 Executive Summary (5 pag) - by email to novaidea@unl.pt
18-05-2017 Business plan (15 pag) - by email to novaidea@unl.pt
TBA - Pitch training session 
23-05-2017 Pitch Final – Rectorate of NOVA, 6:00 pm

Executive Summary

max. 5 pages in Portuguese or English


The problem 
Value proposition 
Target market
Intelectual property 
The team 

Juri NOVA Idea Competition

Charles Buchanan (Conselho de Empreendedorismo)

Professor Paulo Pinho (Nova SBE)

Professor Rogério Puga Leal (FCT NOVA)

Professor João Gonçalves (FCSH/NOVA)

Professor Rui Magalhães Baião (NOVA IMS)

Dr. Miguel Fontes (Startup Lisboa)

Bo Irik (Seabookings)

Pedro Fonseca (CrowdProcess)


1st Prize – the winning team will be awarded 3 tickets for the European Innovation Academy (worth 5,097 €) and a scholarship of 1,500 €.

2nd Prize – the second place team will be awarded 2 tickets for the European Innovation Academy (worth 3,398 €) and a scholarship of 1,000 €.

3rd Prize – the third place team will be awarded a scholarship of 1,000 €