Rector of NOVA speaks about University autonomy, freedom and accountability – with the video

The Rector of NOVA participated of the annual conference of the European University Association


The European University Association (EUA) Annual Conference 2017 that took place in Bergen, Norway from 6-7 April 2017 was devoted to discuss “Autonomy and freedom: The future sustainability of universities”.  

Today’s universities are expected to fulfil both their (traditional) teaching and research missions, as well as take on a number of different societal roles. In order to do this successfully, universities need to be able to take decisions on the issues affecting them, such as their management, finances, human resources and academic profile.

The Rector of NOVA, Professor António Rendas, delivered an illustrative keynote presentation entitled “University Autonomy in Europe – NOVA University within the context of Portugal” in which he shared his experience and knowledge about NOVA and also about the Portuguese Higher Education system.  

The EUA shared the presentations on Facebook. To see the presentation “University Autonomy in Europe – NOVA University within the context of Portugal” delivered by the Rector António Rendas please forward the video to minute 6:15.

The Rector of NOVA was interviewed by the Times Higher Education about the topic of university autonomy ( (Article available for registered users)

Photo credits: Luís Água