Researcher from NOVA distinguished with an ERC grant of 1,7 million euros for the study of stem cells on the brain

Award allows continuing the project in the next five years.

Catarina Homem, investigadora do CEDOC da NMS | FCM, vencedora de uma bolsa do Concelho Europeu de Investigação (ERC)

The European Research Council – ERC awarded  Catarina Homem, main researcher of  CEDOC - Centro de Estudos de Doenças Crónicas of NOVA Medical School, with a grant of 1,7 million euros. The ERC Starting Grant will support the researcher's work in the next five years.

The scientist was distinguished with this grant due to her project on the regulation of stem neuronal cells. Catarina Homem studies animal development and the form how stem cells generate different cells in an organism, at the right time and place, using the fruit fly as the model of research.

After being awarded the ERC Starting Grant Catarina Homem said that “Having received this very competitive award is a recognition of my career and our scientific vision. This grant will allow to expand my team, to buy leading equipment and to test our hypothesis and follow up all results without restrictions”.