Mobility for NOVA Students and Staff

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) is extremely concerned to provide to all its students, professors, researchers and non-academic staff an international experience that allows them to successfully face the inherent challenges to their activities, to participate in networks that are institutionally important for NOVA, as well as to increase their professional profile and personal satisfaction.

Nova’s International participation has been expanding naturally over the years, however with the increase of the international mobility programs in the last 12 years, to which NOVA has always been part of, its international profile has developed with great success. 

Currently, there are several mobility programs available to which students, professors, researchers and non-academic staff can apply.

In the coming years, NOVA will continue to strengthen its international scope, for the benefit of the institution and certainly for all those who are studying and working there. 

All questions concerning mobilities for studies or traineeships must be addressed by completing this form.