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Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Geologia Estrutural



Academic unit

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


Departamento de Ciências da Terra



Teacher in charge

José Carlos Ribeiro Kullberg, Rogério Eduardo Bordalo da Rocha

Weekly hours


Teaching language






Subject matter

Theoretical classes:

Objectives of Structural Geology. Introduction to basic concepts (1 lecture).
Part I – Geometrical analysis of geological structures: fractures, folds, cleavage and schistosity, lineations. Synthesis of geometrical analysis on different scales; vergence. Igneous intrusive bodies (5 lectures).
Part II – Stress and strain. Rheology. Kinematic analysis of geological structures: mechanisms of fracturation, folding and emplacement of igneous intrusive bodies (5 lectures).
Part III – Tectonics and regional deformation. Analysis of large-scale structures, in different geodynamic environments: extensional, compressional and strike-slip. Salt and magmatic diapirism. The concept of “étage structurale” (3 lectures).

Practical classes:

The use of Stereographic Projection in Structural Geology (the Schmidt net). Foundations, basic mechanisms and practical exercises. (8 lectures, 3 hours each).
Analysis and interpretation of geologic maps of regions with complex structures (6 classes – 18 hours).
Field trip (facultative, after the ending of the discipline) (5 days).


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