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Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Novas Tecnologias no Ensino da Matemática



Academic unit

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


Departamento de Matemática



Teacher in charge

António Manuel Dias Domingos, Maria Helena Coutinho Gomes Almeida Santos

Weekly hours


Total hours


Teaching language



This discipline has as general objective to provide the pupils with a review of available technologies, whose use in the classroom can help the teaching and learning of mathematics. It is intended thus:

to identify the new educational objectives that require the use of new technologies,

to discuss successful conditions for the integration of new technologies in the activity of the classroom,

to explore in detail the functioning of each of the presented technologies,

to identify to the potentialities and limitations of each one of them,

to develop materials for the classroom.



Subject matter

The program of this discipline is composed for the following subjects:

Graphical calculators  – functions

Graphical calculators  – statistics





Geometer''''s Sketchpad

Graphical calculators TI-92




Domingos, A. (1994). Materiais para a aula de matemática. Funções e modelação. Lisboa: Projecto Pólya, Secção Ciências da Educação da FCT/UNL.

Junqueira, M. (1994). Materiais para a aula de matemática. Geometria. Lisboa: Projecto Pólya, Secção Ciências da Educação da FCT/UNL.

Ponte, J. P., Canavarro, A. P. (1997). Matemática e Novas Tecnologias. Lisboa: Universidade Aberta.

Veloso, E. (Ed.). (1998). Geometria. Lisboa: Instituto de Inovação Educacional.

Teaching method

The students will be organized in groups (2 pupils). Each group will be responsible for the theoretical framing of a subject, and to lead its classroom discussion.

Each group will be responsible for the presentation/exploration of a technology. Tasks for the classroom whose exploration can strong be benefited by the resource to the technology will be elaborated/selected.

Evaluation method

Assessment will be continuous and based on:  

the participation of the students in the work of the class,  

the presentation/exploration of the use of a technology (in group),  

the elaboration/selection of a task, to be explored with base in a technology (in group),  

the accomplishment of an individual work about one of the technologies studied.