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Faculdade de Economia




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Faculdade de Economia


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The course presents the main aspects of marketing. Special relevance is given to the different steps in the design of a marketing plan, such as SWOT analysis, mission and objectives, the strategic triangle (segmentation, positioning and targeting), the marketing-mix (product, promotion, pricing and distribution), implementation and control. This course also helps students to understand the importance of the marketing research methodology and how to apply it to the business world.


Compulsory prerequisites: 1200. Introdução à Empresa

Subject matter

 1 - The role of marketing and targeting 2 - Development of marketing strategies 3 - Marketing-mix 4 - Development of the marketing plan 5 - Implementation and evaluation of marketing strategies.


The material for the course is available in the syllabus in two levels: Recommended readings and additional readings

(for those students who would like extra input)

Most used textbooks will include:

-Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller (2006), Marketing Management, 12th ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper saddle River

New Jersey

- Donald R. Lehman, Russel S Winer, (2005), Product Management, 4 th. Ed., McGraw Hill International

Teaching method


The course will be a mix of theory, cases and discussions. Although theoretical development is made a hands-on

approach to the subject will be used with many examples and material from the field.

Student involvement is expected in class discussions and case recommendations and should be accompanied by

thorough preparation of cases and readings that are available via the syllabus that can be accessed on line. For the

cases the discussion questions will also be available.

The syllabus includes the presentation for the class together with the recommended and additional readings. The

course allows students with a special interest in Marketing to further exploit concepts. During the semester students

will be required to prepare, in teams, a Marketing Plan, that will be presented in the last weeks of the semester.

Several of the cases will require an individual case write-up to be delivered before the class starts. The cases involved

will be referenced in the syllabus.

Evaluation method

40% Marketing plan (group & individual evaluation)

40 % Final exam

20% Class discussion

10 % individual case write ups:maximum of 3 pages with your summarized answers to case questions

10 % individual class discussion

The marketing plan should be completed during the semester. Groups will have to submit the plan until the last

session of the semester. Presentations will involve every element of the team and will last 45 min, including 30 min for

presentation and 15 min for questions. The group will have to submit a Plan and the Power Point presentation that

supports it on a date to be announced.