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Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Spatial Planning and Geographic Information Systems


Segundo ciclo




Rui Pedro Julião

Opening date

September 23, 2013


20 vagas


Total: 2000 €


Education objectives

The course has the following objectives:
General Objectives
-Contribute to a culture of understanding and analyses of the territory;
-Contribute to better Spatial Planning practices;
-Increase the offer of lifelong training courses, adequate to the Bologna model.

Specific Objectives
-Provide a theoretical basis on Spatial Planning, based on the Portuguese example;
-Provide the students competences for a permanent knowledge construction;
-Provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure a competent use of Geographic InformationSystems in Spatial Planning;
-Increase the offer of e-learning initiatives concerning spatial planning and Geographic Information Systems.

Access conditions

1) In accordance with n.º 1, article 17 of Decree-Law n.º 74 of 24 March 2006 2) Candidates who meet the academic and curriculum requirements set forth in number 1 of the above article will be selected and ranked according to the following criteria: a. Final grade of 1st cycle degree (licenciatura); b. Academic and scientific curriculum: c. Professional curriculum; d. Interview (optional).

Degree pre-requisites

Length: 4 semesters. Total credits: 120 credits (60 in course units of the study programme + 60 in the non-taught component). Types of non-taught component: Dissertation, Project Work, Practical Work Experience with Report.

Access to other courses

Completion of the Masters degree allows the holder to apply for the cycle of studies which leads to a Doctorate Degree. For the specific access requirements for doctoral programmes, consult the regulations governing the doctoral programmes at FCSH, UNL.

Evaluation rules

1) No obligatory precedences for attending the program’s courses. 2) Knowledge evalutation in the courses is individual and takes place at the end of each semester. The following tools will be considered: final oral and/or written assignments, papers or other assessment tools, in conditions to be agreed upon with each lecturer. The result of the evaluation is expressed in a mark from 0 to 20. 3) Approval in a course requires a final grade equal to or above 10. 4) Only those students who have obtained 60 ECTs on the scholar part of the program can proceed to the dissertation or project. 5) For the evaluation of the dissertation and project, please consult FCSH’s relevant regulations.


Code Name ECTS
722041103 Territory Management 10.0
722041100 Spatial Planning and Environment 10.0
722041102 Geographic Information Systems and Cartography 10.0
722041104 Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Modelling 10.0
722041101 Techniques and Methodologies in Territorial Planning 10.0
722041105 Geographic Information Technologies in Spatial Planning 10.0
Opção Condicionada 1
Code Name ECTS
722041106 Dissertation on Spatial Planning and Geographic Information Systems 60.0
722041107 Practical Training with Report on Spatial Planning and Geographic Information Systems 60.0
722041108 Project on Spatial Planning and Geographic Information Systems 60.0
Para a realização da componente não lectiva conducente ao grau de mestre, o aluno deve optar por uma das modalidades oferecidas.