Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical


Rua da Junqueira 100
1349-008 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 365 26 00 | Fax: +351 21 363 21 05
Divisão Académica:

ECTS Coordinator

Miguel Viveiros


The Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – IHMT is a young centenary institution, unique in the portuguese academy. Aimed initially at the study, teaching and medical practice related to tropical diseases, IHMT has recently evolved towards an integrated approach, ranging from the molecular level to global health systems, adopting, without abandoning its tropical vocation, a strong commitment to solving health problems that afflict the poorest and the excluded in all continents.

Since its inception, the institute has been at the forefront of research directed at tropical endemic diseases, and these lines are still part of its current work, reinforced by research work on tuberculosis, several viruses prevalent in the tropics, travelers’ and migrant population’s health and health services systems, which confer to IHMT a strong international character as part of networks and projects in partnership.

The research work is closely linked to several master and doctoral programmes, but also through its technical assistance work to ministries of health in Portugal and other countries. The quality of its performance was recognized by the WHO, when assigned us the status of Collaborating Center for Health Workforce Policy and Planning.