Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

International exchange programmes

Erasmus Programme

NOVA has been participating in the Erasmus Programme since its creation in 1987. It has links with nearly 270 universities throughout 23 European countries. According to  statistic from 2006/2007, provided by the European Commission, NOVA ranked  57th in terms of European universities that  send and receive  more Erasmus  students, in a total of about  4 000 institutions. As a consequence, students and teachers come from a diverse set of cultures and nationalities, contributing to an innovative, cosmopolitan and open to the future university environment.

The university also participates in the Erasmus Mundus Programme. This is an European Union cooperation and mobility programme different from the well known Erasmus Programme. Its main goal is to give greater visibility and appeal to the European higher education in other countries. It supports the creation of high quality master’s courses, which are instructed by consortiums of higher education institutions from different EU countries.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa currently has three courses supported by this Programme. «Computational Logic», «Crossways in European Humanities» and «Geospatial Technologies».

Portuguese-Brazilian Grants Santander – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

As a result of the agreement signed between the Portuguese  and Brasilian universities and Santander Totta Bank, a Programme of exchange grants has been established, so students from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa’s 1st and 2nd cycles may now benefit from mobility grants to Brasil, financed by Santander Totta.

Practical information for mobility students

Foreign students should make sure they have the following items:

  • Identification document (passport or identity card);
  • Letter from the host University or some document that can prove the awarding of the scholarship and their mobility student status;
  • European Health Insurance Card for students from European Union (EU), European Economic Space (EEE) and Switzerland;
  • Students not included in the last paragraph, should check if there is an agreement between the social security systems of the country of origin and of destination. If an agreement does not exist, students must obtain a health insurance;
  • Recent photographs (passport size).

Foreign students should enrol as soon as possible. To do so, they should contact the International Relations Office and the Coordinator of the Department at their academic unit. They can only enrol after establishing this contact.

After enrolment, they will receive a student card which will entitle them to the same rights as any other Portuguese student: access to canteens, libraries, documentation centres, price reductions for books and concert tickets.

You can find out more information for mobility students in the Erasmus Student Guide, including some tips for students before and after arriving in Lisbon, as well as information about the history of Portugal and the city of Lisbon, tourist attractions, leisure, libraries, religious information, currency, telecommunications, climate, cost of living, expenses, embassies and some useful words and phrases.

National Health Service

As it was previously stated, students from the EU, the EEE and Switzerland are eligible to use the European Health Insurance Card, which will give them access to the Portuguese health system with the same rights of a national citizen. To benefit from the card’s advantages, the students should request its issuing before coming to Portugal. The remaining mobility students should make sure that they have health insurance, before coming to Portugal.

School Insurance

All NOVA Students, either Portuguese or in a mobility programme, benefit from school insurance, offered at enrolment. For more information, please contact the academic services of the unit.

This insurance is guaranteed to Erasmus Students after enrolling in the International Relations Office of the host academic unit. It is worth highlighting that, if an accident occurs, the student should immediately contact this Office, for the insurance company to be notified.

For more information about this and other International Programmes, please contact:

International Relations Office
Tel.: +35 213 715 642
Fax: +351 213 775 645
E-mail: international@unl.pt