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Theories of Drama and Performance Theories of Drama and Performance



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Teacher in charge

Cláudia Guerra Madeira

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a) Study the fundamental theories that help understanding one of the crucial aspects of contemporaneous communication.
b) Develop knowledge of the arts of drama and performance, both in historical and contemporaneous dimensions.
c) Develop reading capacities (of Portuguese and foreign texts), of analysis, of critical reasoning, synthesis, organization and writing.



Subject matter

There is a dramatic dimension in the realm of arts but also, for instance, in politics and in media. Indeed it is a dimension which structures the relationships in the public space as well as in the private. After studying the representation in day to day life and its transformations along the last centuries, we study drama as a genre within aesthetics, its transformations, its subgenres, tragedy, comedy. Then the major theories of Drama, from Aristotle to our days. Finally, the relationship between text and stage, the character, the actor, the director, the reception.


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William Shakespeare, Hamlet (tradução de Sophia de Mello Breyner), Lisboa, Lello, 1987.
Peter Szondi, Teoria do Drama Moderno: 1880 1950, São Paulo, Cosac & Naify, 2001.

Teaching method

Theoretical-practical lessons, including debate, with supporting materials: bibliography and DVDs.

Evaluation method

Exam (or an original research project, if your proposal is selected)