Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública


Avenida Padre Cruz
1600-560 Lisboa
Tel. : +351 217512100 | Fax : +351 217582754
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ECTS Coordinator

Florentino Manuel dos Santos Serranheira


Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP) provides post-graduate teaching and research in health related areas, namely in public health and health policy and management.

Established in 1966, ENSP is a pioneer institution in public health education in Portugal and in Europe. The school was incorporated in NOVA in 1994.

With an experienced and competent faculty, ENSP invests in health promotion and innovation, through a broad network of national and international partnerships. Its goals are:

• To promote a student-oriented teaching/learning process with an integrated, and dynamic vision of health systems and Public Health sciences;

• To promote scientific discovery, knowledge production and innovation practices in Public Health;

• To connect research and teaching with action in Public Health, in order to establish itself as an effective influence in the emerging knowledge society.

Faculty at ENSP cover many different disciplines such as Epidemiology and Statistics, Environmental and Occupational Health, Health Promotion, Health Policy, Management of Healthcare Organizations, Health Economics, Sociology of Health and Health Law.

ENSP receives annually about 170 new students for courses with one or more years duration, including doctorates, masters and specializations. Additionally, about 200 other students attend short courses. Master and PhD theses and other final course dissertations are often published in scientific journals. ENSP students have diverse educational backgrounds, which include medicine, nursing, pharmacy, health technologies, economics, management, law, psychology and others.

The School provides relevant services to the community, including public and private institutions who seek its faculty and researchers to support the resolution of specific problems of health and health care in Portugal. Several professors and graduates occupy important positions in the health system.

In addition to protocols and agreements established with its peers both nationally and internationally for the development of studies and projects in the area of Public Health, ENSP is a member of several important associations in the health field.

The School has its own facilities at Lumiar, with adequate resources for the students to develop their studies and learning experience. Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública also has easy access by various means of transport.