Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

    Support services


    Director of Student Services Area: Sandra Matias
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: asa@fcsh.unl.pt

    Academic Services (DA)
    Head of Division: Lurdes Martins
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00

    Undergraduate Section (NL):
    Coordinator: Maria de Jesus Ramalho
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: licenciaturas@fcsh.unl.pt

    Masters’ Section (NM):
    Coordinator: Maria Barroso
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: mestrados@fcsh.unl.pt

    Doctorate Section (ND):
    Coordinator: Frederico Figueiredo
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: doutoramentos@fcsh.unl.pt

    Life-long learning section (NFLV):
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: nflv@fcsh.unl.pt

    Student Support Services (DAA)
    NCRI - Centre for Cooperation and International Relations
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 32
    Email: mobilidade@fcsh.unl.pt

    NAAC – Centre for Student Support and Candidates
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: naac@fcsh.unl.pt | novoaluno@fcsh.unl.pt

    Social Services Office (GAS)
    E-mail: gas@fcsh.unl.pt

    Centre for Professional Integration and Alumni (NIPAA)
    Tel.: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: nipaa@fcsh.unl.pt

    Counselling and Psychological Services (SPO)
    Olga Oliveira Cunha (Psychologist)
    Schedule via email to spo@fcsh.unl.pt

    Council for International Educational Exchange Study Center (CIEE/FCSH)
    Coordinator: Luísa Castro Caldas
    Tel: + 351 21 790 83 00
    Email: ciee@fcsh.unl.pt


    Mário Sottomayor Cardia Library

    With a collection that includes more than 109,000 monographs, 3,500 periodical titles and about 3,900 non-book materials, the BMSC is a reference in its area.
    The BMSC makes available to FCSH professors, researchers, students and administrative staff, as well as any interested reader, monographs, journals, academic work, local access to national and international digital repositories and online resources resulting from research projects developed in FCSH Research Units.

    Site: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/faculdade/bibliotecas
    E-mail: biblioteca@fcsh.unl.pt
    Location: FCSH, Tower B, 1st Floor

    Opening Hours:
    During semesters: Monday to friday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm.
    Saturdays, from 9:30 am to 13:30 pm.
    During semester holidays: Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

    R&D Documentation Centre – Research and PhDs

    The ID - Research and PhDs Documentation Centre was conceived to support research and postgraduate activity bringing together, in the same physical space, the collections of several FCSH Research Units.
    The collection is mainly made up of monographs featuring the scientific fields of the FCSH Research Units. A wide range of journals are also available as well as, on a smaller scale, several theses, both at the Master´s and PhD levels.

    Site: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/faculdade/bibliotecas
    E-mail: centrodocumentacao@fcsh.unl.pt
    Location: FCSH, Edifício ID, 1.º Piso

    Opening Hours:
    During semesters: Monday to Friday, from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

    Mapoteca (Map collection)
    The Mapoteca (Map collection) of the Geography and Regional Planning Department has a remarkable collection of cartography (basic and thematic) produced by different institutions, in several editions and scales, covering the national territory, as well as much of the former colonial territories. These documents are essential in teaching and research activities in several scientific fields of FCSH.

    Site: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/faculdade/bibliotecas/bibliotecas-especializadas/mapoteca
    E-mail: mapoteca@fcsh.unl.pt
    Location: FCSH, Building B1, 1st Floor

    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.00 am to 12.30 am and from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm
    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.00 am to 12.30 am and from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

    Other equipment

    Laboratories (languages and linguistics) | Multimedia rooms | Computer rooms (with Internet access) | Map library | Studios | Wireless Internet available throughout the Campus | Photocopying Service

    Interchange programs

    The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities participates in several European programmes, namely:
    Santander Universities Scholarships

    FCSH/NOVA promotes a great number of partnerships with international higher education institutions, for the mobility of students, through bilateral agreements.
    More Information at: http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/internacionalizacao/mobilidade


    FCSH/NOVA supports the professional integration of its students, fostering activities that aim at their exposure to the job market, as well as to entrepreneurial activities as a means of achievement both personal and professional progress.
    The Centre for Professional Integration and Alumni (NIPAA) develops its activity in the following axes:
    - Professional guidance and counselling for students and newly graduates;
    - Development of training activities and events focused on student and graduate employability;
    - Fostering of entrepreneurial activities;
    - Searching and communicating job/internship opportunities to students and newly graduates;
    - Corporate relations – Reception and communication of job/internship opportunities; support regarding students and alumni recruitment, including the organization of corporate presentation events on campus.
    More Information at: http://fcsh.unl.pt/faculdade/emprego-estagios-e-empreendedorismo


    FCSH/NOVA provides several scholarships for undergraduate, masters and PhD students, in order to support and award its students’ merit.
    ESTUDAR+ Scholarships
    TOP Scholarships
    Santander Totta / FCSH-NOVA Scholarships - Program to encourage the furthering of studies for students with economic difficulties
    NOVA Merit Scholarships

    For more information on the Social Welfare Services Scholarships please visit http://sas.unl.pt
    More Information at: http://fcsh.unl.pt/futuro-aluno/bolsas-de-estudo

    Language courses

    Language courses
    Portuguese Language and Culture Courses
    Coordinated by: Professor Teresa Lino / Ana Madeira
    Semester Courses| Summer Course
    More information available on http://www2.fcsh.unl.pt/clcp/clcp_en.html

    ILNOVA - Language Institute of Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    Director: Professor Doutor Carlos Ceia
    Vice-director: Professor Isabel Oliveira Martins
    Contact: http://ilnova.fcsh.unl.pt/
    E-mail: ilnova@fcsh.unl.pt

    Food services

    FCSH/NOVA students have a canteen that serves meals at social prices from €2.50 and access to all SASNOVA units as well as to food services belonging to all other Public Higher Education Institutions in Lisbon.

    In addition of the supply unit/canteen in charge of Social Services, FCSH further provides:

    - Snack-bar, located at Floor 0, B Tower
    Schedule: from 8 am till 8 pm.

    - Bar/Coffee Shop Cardápio Mágico – located at ID Building
    Schedule: from 8 am till 8 pm.

    - Restaurant Com Sabor - located at the FCSH campus
    Schedule: from 8 am till 10 pm.

    Special needs facilities

    Special needs facilities

    At IT Office, located in B2 building, are available the following computer equipment specially adapted to the use of blind and visually impaired students:
    JAWS 11.0; Openbook; Magic 11.0; Winbraille; Braille Índex Everest printer.

    Extra curriculum activities

    Students associations

    President of the FCSH Student Union: Hugo Silva

    Other information

    Coordinator: Professor Clara Nunes Correia

    FCSH/NOVA launches every year, from july to september, a Summer School with intensive training programmes and short-term courses in all areas of Social Sciences and Humanities.

    Available to the general public, from Portugal or from the rest of the world, these courses aims at providing students an introduction or in-depth topics or specific materials covering all scientific fields taught at FCSH/NOVA. Students will find a great opportunity to expand and develop skills with higher education lecturers and at the same time a privileged space for dialogue and a meeting point for people from Portuguese-speaking countries, Europe and the rest of the world.

    Upon successful completion, each course is worth a number of ECTS credits which may be recognised as part of ongoing studies. The Summer School courses are also accredited to primary or secondary school teachers.

    Summer School
    Tel.: 21 790 83 32
    E-mail: ev.secretariado@fcsh.unl.pt

    The Innovation Centre is a newly established FCSH/NOVA structure dedicated to supporting the creation and initial development of companies, cooperatives and other economic projects of their students, recent graduates, alumni and researchers, and the transfer of knowledge among the faculty, their research units and economic actors in the fields of social sciences, arts and humanities.
    More Information at: http://fcsh.unl.pt/faculdade/emprego-estagios-e-empreendedorismo/centro-de-inovacao