Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Medieval Primary Sources Seminar - 1st semester



Academic unit

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas





Teacher in charge

Isabel Barros Dias (UAberta), Maria João Violante Branco, Pedro Flor (UAberta)

Weekly hours


Teaching language


Analyse four different types of document per semester under four different perspectives ( for each document)
Practically testing and sharpening the students awareness of the potential of one source for the research of
several different scientific areas of research.
Abiblity to find, retrieve, contextualize and interpret substantial quantities of medieval documents, from the
exhaustive study of all its potential.
Ability to understanding the importance to apply and practice principles of cooperative research to medieval
interdisciplinary studies and the importance of criticising the sources ina proficient manner.


Subject matter

The main objective of this seminar is to raise the awareness of the students to the possibilities of different
documents for differents study areas. It also intends to show how different documents can contribute to the sme topic.
Every year four sources of different nature will be chosen and they will be analised, commented and expllred by specialistas of different medieval areas.
It is therefore more on the ways in which each of the documents can contribute to the knowledge of the middle ages than on certain thematic areas, the intention beong to work collaboratibvelly with the students.
The documents studied each year may vary, and because it is aroun the documents, it is impossible to precise the syllabus any further.


Bibliography will need to adapt to each of the specific documents being addressed to each year.

Teaching method

The teaching methods used in this seminar are based on the principles of the pedagogical model implemented at UAb for postgraduate studies, including:
• Collaborative learning through the participation in asynchronous discussions and joint activities on the issues being studied;
• Individual research resulting in the production of essays and/or in a historiographical research work.

Evaluation method

Continuous assessment of doctoral students by weighting all participation activities in the seminar.