Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


Campus de Caparica
2829-516 Caparica
Tel. : +351 212948300 | Fax : +351 212954461
E-mail : div.cre.coordenador@fct.unl.pt

ECTS Coordinator

Jorge Manuel Pinto Lampreia Pereira


Established in 1977, FCT/UNL is nowadays one of the most prestigious Portuguese Public Schools in the teaching of engineering and science, attended by 8000 students, of which about 1500 are post-graduate students (masters and doctorate). 

From the beginning, FCT/UNL has given priority to the promotion of research in their areas of activity. Nowadays FCT/UNL hosts 16 research centers recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology (of which 3 are classified as "exceptional", 4 "excellent" and 6 as "very good"). 
The academic quality of FCT/UNL has provided a growing affirmation among employers and led to a successful placement of its graduates in the labor market.
The scientific production of FCT/UNL includes a large number of publications in international journals of great impact that grants to FCT/UNL the recognition of institutions counterparts.
FCT/UNL has about 500 teachers and researchers (380 PhDs) and 220 administrative staff. It comprehends 14 departmental sectors and 8 support services.
The campus of Caparica in which FCT is located provides modern infrastructures for teaching and research. The latest of 20 buildings is the library, a campus landmark for its architectural design and functionality.
The campus includes other infrastructures, such as student residences, sports fields, nursery, nursing station, bookshop, Bank agency, travel agency, convenience store, canteen, several restaurants and cafés.
Students of FCT/UNL have all conditions for effective learning, including a culture of warmth in the teacher-student relation that it is not often found in other schools.
Access to the campus is provided by a varied public transport network that includes combined services of boat, train, bus and tram.