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Engineering Physics


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Maria Adelaide de Almeida Pedro de Jesus


Maria Adelaide de Almeida Pedro de Jesus

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2750,00 Euros/year for all students.


It depends on the working method of each training course. The working time for the classes will be agreed with each PhD student, or when there are more than 10 students in each year, it will be agreed with all students of the programme.

Education objectives

Physics is an area of fundamental knowledge. Along with mathematics is the foundation of all other scientific and technological fields. Inherited from ancient philosophy to demand the truth, the primary laws and concepts that allow us to explain the matter, the universe and even life. In this sense, physics is the scientific area that is at the frontier of knowledge. 

Fulfilling the objectives of the 3rd cycle to ensure training leading to innovation capabilities conceptual or instrumental, critical analysis and evaluation, promotion of technological progress, skills that result from specialization and systematic understanding of a sub-area scientific-technological and purchasing skills and methods of research, this doctoral program aims at training specialists with strong innovation capabilities and to promote technological progress in the following sub-areas of physics: 

  1. Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces (thin films, catalysis, interface processes at the molecular level, surface spectroscopies) 
  2. Studies in Advanced Materials (nano-structures, insulators, semiconductors, oxides of broadband, magnetic materials and super-conductors, liquid crystals) 
  3.  Atomic and Molecular Interactions (Proceedings in environmental and biological molecules, interaction of molecular beams, relativistic self-consistent studies of atoms and molecules) 
  4.  Nuclear Reactions (nuclear reactions relevant to Nuclear Astrophysics) 
  5. Optical (Multi photoionization, nonlinear optics) 
  6. Development of materials (written and lab) for Basic and Secondary Education, including training professores.Nestas sub-areas, the topics covered are areas of great importance (with big international repercussions), not only in fundamental terms, but also in terms of the potential for technological application. 


Ensuring the training of specialists with strong innovation capabilities and to promote technological progress in the field of physics, this doctoral program has the professional opportunities and careers in university teaching / research and technical posts at the top development companies, including in sub-areas listed in the objectives. Among the capabilities with which to equip the candidates we list critical thinking, conceptual autonomy and entrepreneurship, aimed at creating new businesses.


1.º Year
Code Name ECTS
1.º Year - Projecto
Code Name ECTS
9797 Project 37.0
O aluno deverá obter 13.0 créditos nesta opção.
1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
9539 Seminar I 1.0
1.º Semester - Opções A
Code Name ECTS
9552 Cryogenics I 6.0
9553 Experimental Methods in Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy 6.0
9554 Nanotechnology and Nanophysics 6.0
9555 Plasma Technology and Thin Films 6.0
9556 Vacuum Technology and Charged Particles 6.0
2.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
9534 Entrepreneurship 3.0
9544 Seminar II 1.0
2.º Semester - Opções B
Code Name ECTS
9557 Cryogenics II 6.0
9558 Photonics 6.0
9559 Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Surfaces 6.0
9560 Nuclear analytical techniques 6.0
9561 Advanced Topics in Physics Engineering 6.0
2.º Year
Code Name ECTS
4.º Year
Code Name ECTS
9562 Thesis in Physics Engineering 180.0