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Forensic Chemistry



Academic unit

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


Departamento de Química



Teacher in charge

Ana Maria Ferreira da Costa Lourenço

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The student should be able to acquire competences in the research area of forensic chemistry and the comprehension of how some of the most important families of xenobiotics behave.

Subject matter


I - Framework
Statistics, Sampling, Quality of results
Quality control
II - Essential Elements
Preparation of samples, analyses and instrumentation

III - Drug Analysis
Drugs and Pharmacology
Forensic analysis of drugs
Base drugs
IV – Chemical analysis of physical evidence
The chemistry of combustion - arson, explosion, shooting

Teaching method

The UC has theoretical and practical parts.

Classroom classes are taught using power-point presentation. It encouraged the active participation of students upon presentation of the issues.
In experimental component each of the classes is made exposure of specific concepts of each work to be done directly written in the frame, then the completion of the experimental work in the laboratory by students.

Evaluation method

Theoretical component (70%) - two tests (average 9.5) or exam note with 9.5 values.

Practical component (30%) - 4 practical work, one report and one note (overall score 9.5). It consists in the frequency.

(Lab - 10% Report - 10% Note - 10%).

The exam can be used as grade improvement of the average of the two tests, and will average to note the frequency for the final classification.