Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Computer Graphics and Interfaces



Academic unit

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


Departamento de Informática



Teacher in charge

Fernando Pedro Reino da Silva Birra, Nuno Manuel Robalo Correia

Weekly hours


Total hours


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• To describe the graphics pipeline and to identify their implications.
• To list and describe the basic techniques for modelling based on polygons and attributes of vertices.
• To identify the basic principles in building the user interface.
• The student should be able to use a modern API to create a graphical application that can be integrated with applications from any other kind.
• The student should manage to translate the principles of design of a GUI into an efficient implementation and atual applicability.
• Ability for modelling and abstraction.
• Theoretical assessment of the efficiency of a solution.
• Drafting and following an experimental protocol for evaluation of a solution. 


Good programming skills in one of the following languages: Javascript, C/C++ or Java

Basic knowledge of linear algebra and geometry

Subject matter

1. Modeling:
- Primitives
- Surfaces
- Scene graphs 
2. Geometric projections:
- Parallel and perspetive projections 
3. Other essential transformations in the graphics pipeline:
- Window-viewport transformation 
- Clipping 
4. Event-driven programming
5. Computer animation in real time
6. Introduction to color models and illumination models 
7. Generation and application of texture mapping:
- Digital images and procedural methods 
8. Interaction:
- Models 
- Styles 
- Screen design 
- Contexts 
9. User interface techniques:
- 2D/3D metaphors 
- Physical devices 
- Control 
- Feedback 
- Visualization 
- Navigation and manipulation 
10. WebGL Programming


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