NOVA Information Management School

Lifelong Learning Programme's main goal is to contribute to the development of the European Union as a knowledge-based society, with sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and with greater social cohesion, operating in parallel to an appropriate environmental protection, considering the future generations.

The Erasmus program seeks to emphasize the quality and reinforce the European dimension of Higher Education by promoting transnational cooperation between universities, fostering the European mobility and encouraging transparency and full academic recognition of studies and qualifications throughout the European Union.

NOVA IMS welcomes incoming ERASMUS students in all three cycles of study offered. This possibility is offered to students from higher education institutions with whom bilateral agreements exist.

By accessing these programs, the studies made at NOVA IMS have the recognition of equivalence of the courses attended in the home institution. During this period, the student is exempted from paying tuition fees at NOVA IMS, and must maintain the payment to its home institution.

Erasmus Coordinator of NOVA IMS:
Pedro Cabral

Informations and Contacts:
Ana Sousa
Office Hours: 14h30m - 16h30m
Ground floor

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