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NOVA Information Management School

Master degree program in Geospatial Technologies


Segundo ciclo



Coordenador ECTS

Marco Octávio Trindade Painho

Objectivos educativos

The International Master Program (Master of Science, M.Sc.) in Geospatial Technologies is a cooperation of:

- Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA), NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), Lisboa, Portugal;

- University of Münster (WWU), Institute for Geoinformatics (IFGI), Münster, Germany;

- Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Castellon, Spain.

This Master Program has been selected by the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Commission as one of the most excellent Master Programs in Europe.

The three-semester English-speaker Masters program will enroll up to 32 students per year, starting in the Fall Semester of the academic year 2015/16. 

The first semester at NOVA IMS offers different learning paths, addressing the previous know-how and requirements of the students. The courses at NOVA IMS provide modules in data modeling and GI basics. The second semester at IFGI provides basic and advanced courses in Geoinformatics. In addition, courses in key competencies (project management, researchmethods) are provided. The Master thesis in the third semester is closely linked to ongoing research projects of one of the partner institutions.

Based on the successful Master's assessment, the three universities will award the joint degree "Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Geospatial Technologies".

Applications - academic year 2017/2018
To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae and submit the application in the end, until July 6th. The selection process is based on the analysis of the applicant's academic and professional curriculum, and an interview.

Condições de acesso

The requirements of the applications are: a Bachelor's degree (or Master's degree) in a compatible field; English language proof (TOEFL 500 paper-based or equivalent); Strong motivation; High-level achievements in previous academic and professional careers.

Requisitos para obtenção do grau ou diploma

Acesso a outros cursos

Regras de avaliação


1º ano - semestre Outono
Código Nome Créditos
200006 Applied Mathematics: Logic and Statistics 2.0
200018 Computer Graphics 4.0
200034 Databases 4.0
200056 Geographic Information Systems 3.0
200063 Geospatial Infrastructures 1.0
200075 Group Project Seminar 6.0
200076 Image Processing 3.0
200098 Multimedia 3.0
200099 Networks/Internet 2.0
200106 Programming 4.0
200127 Software Engineering (UML) 2.0
200128 Spatial Analysis 2.0
200032 DataBase Management Systems 7.5
200056 Geographic Information Systems 3.0
200058 Geographic Information Systems Applications 7.5
200060 Geospatial Data Mining 7.5
200064 Geostatistics 7.5
200092 Métodos Quantitativos para Marketing - Métodos Descritivos 7.5
200103 Portuguese 4.0
200115 Remote Sensing 7.5
1º ano - semestre Primavera
Código Nome Créditos
200059 Geoinformatics Forum 1.0
200108 Project Management in Geographic Information Projects 3.0
200110 Reference Systems for Geographic Information 5.0
200111 Reference Systems for Geographic Information (Lecture) 2.0
2º ano - semestre Outono
Código Nome Créditos
200131 Thesis 30.0
200132 Thesis 30.0
200133 Thesis 30.0