NOVA Information Management School

Computational Intelligence for Optimization



Unidade Orgânica

NOVA Information Management School



Professor responsável

Leonardo Vanneschi

Língua de ensino

Português. No caso de existirem alunos de Erasmus, as aulas serão leccionadas em Inglês


This course should introduce students to the basic concept of optimization and to a set of heuristic methods for solving, or approxumating, optimization problems. At the same time, this discipline should help students acquiring some bases of programming.


No requirement


- Motivations of the course- Optimization Problems
- Fitness Landscapes
- Hill Climbing
- Simulated Annealing
- Hints to Tabu Search
- Genetic Algorithms
- Advanced Genetic Algorithms methods
- Hints to Particle Swarm Optimization


¿Simulated Annealing and Boltzmann Machines¿, E. Aarts and J. Korst, John Wiley and Sons; ¿Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization and Machine Learning¿, D. E. Goldberg, Addison-Wesley; 0; 0; 0

Método de ensino

(Black)board and slides for theoretical classes, projection of a programming environment for software development in the practical classes.

Método de avaliação

First epoch: weighted average between the average grade obtained in a set of evaluations along the semester and the final test.Second epoch: final test.