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PhD degree in Medicine


Terceiro ciclo




Prof. Doutor Roberto José Palma dos Reis

Education objectives

It is intended that students of the PhD in Medicine acquire the required knowledge in order to be able to design, execute and publish an original research, which represents an innovative and relevant scientific work in medical terms.

Initially, during the PhD course and design of the PhD project, importance will be give to the “knowledge”. Then, during the clinical/experimental stage of the project, value will be given to the “knowhow”.

Finally, during the writing of the PhD thesis, it will be crucial the students’ ability to reflect on the results they achieved as well as the presentation of a valid scientific Thesis.

Degree pre-requisites

The cycle of studies leading to the Doctorate degree in Medicine includes the undertaking of curricular units and an original thesis specially written for that purpose which is appropriate to the nature of the field of knowledge or specialist subject.


The curricular structure of this cycle of studies includes curricular units (35 ECTS), seminars (10 ECTS) and the thesis (195 ECTS).


The degree of Doctorate in Life Sciences is awarded to those who have successfully defended their thesis in public and successful completed the 240 ECTS.


Access to other courses



1st Year
Code Name ECTS
101000 Biostatistics 1 5
101076 Epidemiology for Clinical Research 5
101218 Seminar 2 5
101212 Scientific Thinking and Research 2
101219 Thesis 15
101217 Seminar 1 5
101209 Research Ethics 3
101001 Biostatistics 2 5
101030 Translational Research 5
101029 Advanced Genetics 5
101208 Clinical Trials: Methodology 3
101214 Optional 1 1
101215 Optional 2 2
101216 Optional 3 2
101207 Science Communication 3
101210 Families in Geriatrics and Palliative Care 3
101211 Laboratory Research Methodologies 10
2nd, 3rd and 4th Year
Code Name ECTS
Tese 2-4 Thesis 180