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Master Degree in Physiotherapy Muscle Skeletal Conditions


Segundo ciclo





Prof. Doutor Fernando Pimentel (NMS|FCM-UNL), Prof. Doutor Florentino Serranheira (ENSP-UNL), Doutora Rita Fernandes (ESS-IPS)

Education objectives

The MSc in physiotherapy is a two-year full-time programme aimed to provide the professionally qualified physiotherapists with the opportunity to extend their knowledge and professional expertise in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and prepare them for an autonomous, reflexive and specialized patient centred practice.

Degree pre-requisites

To successfully complete 12 core curricular units (55 ECTS) plus 5 ECTS in optional units (total of 60 ECTS). To successfully complete an advanced clinical training module and a research thesis with public discussion (60 ECTS).

Access to other courses

The Master degree provides access to 3rd cycle of studies.