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Master in Clinical Research Management


Segundo ciclo




Doutora Nélia Gouveia

Education objectives

Medical research, particularly clinical research, is a key activity for the development of innovation in health. By its nature and ethical issues, it is highly legislated, it requires complex infrastructures and different basic research and is usually done in accumulation of functions with clinical activity. The structures that support research teams in the planning and implementation of clinical trials are fundamental to their effectiveness and also ensure the correct application of Good Clinical Practices. This cycle of studies aims to train highly qualified human resources to professionalize clinical research in health units, universities, biobanks, pharmaceutical companies, health technology companies that collaborate in the organization of research, etc. Although with goals that emphasize professional skills in management of clinical research, some students will be encouraged to continue their studies in a 3rd cycle in the field of Health Sciences.

The Master course will take place in Aveiro (Aveiro University) and Lisbon (in the facilities of NMS|FCM at Lisbon Nova University). Each edition will be implemented entirely in only one of the universities, in alternate years, stating this information at the time of applications.

Degree pre-requisites

Number of ECTS credits required: 240

Duration of the study programme: 2 years, 4 semesters

Access to other courses



1st Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
191000 Fundamentals of Clinical Research 6
191001 Basic Principles in Management 6
191002 Epidemiology and Methods in Clinical Research 6
191003 Ethics in Clinical Research 6
191004 Statistics Applied to Clinical Research 6
1st Year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
191005 The organization of the health care system 6
191006 Regulatory Affairs and Safety 6
191007 Health Quality Management 6
191008 Biobanks and Biological Samples Management 6
191009 Clinical Research in Nutrition 6
191010 Data Collection Methods 6
191011 Free Option 6