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PhD in Mechanisms of Disease and Regenerative Medicine (ProRegeM)


Terceiro ciclo




Prof. Doutor José António Henriques de Conde Belo

Education objectives

This PhD programme main goal is to endow students with a multidisciplinary training required to be at the forefront of research in mechanisms of disease and regenerative medicine. This training will allow the PhD candidates to have a wide view of the field and on how to transfer their scientific skills into industry. We aim by these means to prepare students for employment as researchers both in academy, industry or clinical laboratory, either by direct entry or pursuing further studies.

The proposal builds on the research expertise of UAlg-IBB/CBME and UNL/FCM-CEDOC, the already ongoing collaborations between both institutions, and two distinct Hospitals and their medical staff.

There will be a significant emphasis on hypothesis-driven collaborative research projects, and the curricular structure of this programme is organized into a group of core graduate courses taught jointly by participant and collaborator institutions.


At the end of the training period, the candidates will be able to:

- Demonstrate broad knowledge of Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, and molecular mechanisms of human diseases;

- Have understood the needs, approaches and opportunities in Translational Medicine

- Generate hypotheses, plan, conduct and analyse experimental research;

- Work within a group and independently;

- Present and discuss own results and ideas and interact with other professionals taking advantage of new

social/business networking tools and environments;

- Contribute significantly to the field with publications and a thesis;

- Write a business plan, understand basic management and business principles, and product marketing.

Degree pre-requisites


Access to other courses



1st Year
Code Name ECTS
1061001 Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Mechanisms 6
1061000 Developmental Biology and Animal Models of Disease 6
1061002 Chronic and Degenerative Diseases 6
1061006 Annual Student Meeting 1.5
1061007 Thesis 34.5
1061005 Doctoral Committe Anual Report 1
1061004 Seminars 1
1061003 Electives 4
2nd Year
Code Name ECTS
1061008 Competences in science communication 3
1061013 Thesis 49.5
1061010 Seminars 1
1061012 Annual Student Meeting 1.5
1061009 Electives 4
1061011 Doctoral Committe Anual Report 1
3rd Year
Code Name ECTS
1061014 Translational Medicine 3
1061019 Thesis 49.5
1061017 Doctoral Committe Anual Report 1
1061016 Seminars 1
1061018 Annual Student Meeting 1.5
1061015 Electives 4
4th Year
Code Name ECTS
1061020 Mini-MBA 6
1061024 Thesis 47.5
1061023 Annual Student Meeting 1.5
1061022 Seminars 1
1061021 Electives 4