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Inter-University Doctoral Program in Aging and Chronic Diseases


Terceiro ciclo




Duarte Custal Ferreira Barral

Education objectives

The learning objectives of this cycle of studies have been defined so that students acquire excellent theoretical and practical training that prepare them to deal with the challenges of the scientific research that is expected to be demanding, competitive e dynamic. The emphasis in this cycle of studies is on contents of biomedical sciences, in aging and chronic diseases. The learning objectives are specific to each course and the teaching/learning process is based on solving scientific questions that promote the development of critical thinking. Teamwork and student cooperation are valued through the frequent use of group work. The evaluation methodologies contribute simultaneously to the operationalization of the objectives and the measurement of their degree of compliance.

Degree pre-requisites

Number of credits ECTS needed to obtain the PhD degree: 240 ECTS 

Duration of the programme (art.º 3 DL-74/2006, march 2006): 4 years/ 8 semesters

Access to other courses



1st Year
Code Name ECTS
1071000 Research Methods and Techniques 10
1071001 Laboratory Rotation I 10
1071002 Laboratory Rotation II 10
1071003 Laboratory Rotation III 10
1071004 Aging and Chronic Diseases I 5
1071005 Aging and Chronic Diseases II 5
1071006 Aging and Chronic Diseases III 5
1071007 Thesis Project 5
2nd, 3rd and 4th Year
Code Name ECTS
1071008 Dissertation 180