NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas





Cardiopneumology teaching area of ESSCVP



Teacher in charge

Roberto José Palma dos Reis

Teaching language

Portuguese / English


Acquisition of knowledge about:

- Innovative subjects within Cardiopneumology that are not discussed in the remaining courses;

- Reinforcement of knowledge in subjects related to Cardiopneumology, but not directly included in the functional content of these professionals;

- Subjects related with the health sector, that contribute to the increase of general culture of students in this area;

- Capacity to integrate the specific knowledge of Cardiopneumology with related areas.



Subject matter

- Advanced topics in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Imaging;

- Current issues in the field of Cardiology;

- Pediatric Cardiopneumology;

- Cardiac and Respiratory Rehabilitation;

- Cardiopneumology in Sport;

- Advanced topics in any specialization area of this cycle of study, to be decided by the teachers depending on the technological advances that will emerge;

- Issues related with the health sector, which are relevant to the professional performance of students.


Diverse, according to the topic of each seminar, previously provided to the students.

Teaching method

Seminar Methodology, with lectures carried out by teachers about theoretical contents, followed by group discussions about the subjects’ addressed. There will be place for students to present works about reinforced subjects, under the supervision of the teachers.

Evaluation method

Part (50%) continued assessment, taking into account the presentations in the sessions, and the remainder by a final synthesis paper.