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Skills Development in Sleep Studies




Cardiopneumology teaching area of ESSCVP



Teacher in charge

Maria Cristina de Brito Eusébio Bárbara Prista Caetano

Teaching language

Portuguese / English


The main objective of this course is a solid preparation, based in theoretical knowledge, complementary to the ones acquired during the degree, in the specialization area. It is intended for students to develop theoretical and theoretical-practical skills, which will be the foundation for their project or clinical specialization internship, this course being the precursor of those key moments of the degree.

Therefore, the main skills to develop are:

1. Acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge about the various sleep-disordered breathing, diagnostic methods, their interpretation and the various therapeutic modalities used;

2. To acquire knowledge that will allow them to conceptualize a project work or an internship report, in the area of Sleep Studies.


This is exclusive of UC respective area of expertise. Given the nature of the school and being that students are placed in different locations of clinical practice or business, these classes are taught individually to each student. The number of professors (tutors) depends on the number of vacancies for each area of expertise.

Subject matter

1. Knowledge about the various sleep-disordered breathing (eg, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and central sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome).

2. Learning polysomnography: technical procedures; staging neurophysiological (macro and microstructure of sleep) and respiratory systems.

3. General concepts of the various therapeutic modalities of respiratory sleep disorders, with particular emphasis on the continuous positive pressure ventilators, and bilevel servoventiladores: mode of operation and its parameters, procedures to adapt to the patient, interfaces and accessories; monitoring the effectiveness and adherence to treatment.

4. Presentation of clinical cases in a diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

5. Introduction to the theme and design study to develop the project work/ internship report within the Sleep Studies.


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Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia

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Asma brônquica


Teaching method

The teaching methodology used is the Tutorial Guidance and Fieldwork. In this teaching methodology, students will be supervised by one teacher, with a PhD or Master’s degree or Specialist, which will be responsible to guide them while they are studying the constant subjects from the syllabuses indicating sources of information and establishing a work plan. Students will also be asked to develop a set of detailed works to present to the teacher.

This stage of acquisition and deepening of knowledge will be complemented with fieldwork, where students will have the opportunity to begin practice the specialization they chosen.

Simultaneously, it will take place the process of choosing or assigning the subject for the project work or internship, whose design will be developed by the student.

Evaluation method

The evaluation will be made up of several works of deepening knowledge, at least two, and the study design.