NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas

Applied Statistics




Cardiopneumology teaching area of ESSCVP



Teacher in charge

Maria Fernanda Nunes Diamantino

Teaching language

Portuguese / English


The main objective of this course is to deepen students’ knowledge about statistical methodologies applied to clinical research. It is intended to deepen concepts, supposedly discussed in the degree, which will allow knowing how to do statistical inference. Therefore, it is intended that students become aware of the great importance of theoretical knowledge in the resolution and interpretation of practical problems, as well as the importance of statistics in any work or scientific research. At the end of the course, it is expected that students know how to apply these theoretic and practical concepts in their own research.



Subject matter

Brief review on probability. Discrete and continuous models. Statistical inference, distributions of samples, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Diagnostic tests: sensitivity, specificity and predictive values. Prevalence and incidence. Differences in risk, relative risk and odds ratio. Cohort studies, case-control studies and cross-sectional studies. Statistical methods used in clinical trials: comparison of two or more means, comparison of two proportions and comparison of two distributions. Analysis of contingency tables.


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Teaching method

Theoretical classes where the syllabus will be exposed;

Theoretical-practical classes, with the use of statistical software, where students will solve the proposed exercise according with the theoretical subjects, in order to approach practical cases of application of statistics in clinical research.

Evaluation method

Evaluation: one practical work (case study) and a final exam.