NOVA Medical School | Faculdade de Ciências Médicas

Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship




Cardiopneumology teaching area of ESSCVP



Teacher in charge

Luís Manuel Dias Martins

Teaching language

Portuguese / English


1. To characterize health organizations;

2. To diagnose a health organization;

3. To design an organization change project;

4. To design a project, using the MS Project, in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in the health field.


These objectives are strictly articulated with the skills to develop throughout the semester:

- Ability to understand health organizations;

- Ability to comprehend and summarize the fundamental concepts underlined to the organizational diagnosis;

- Ability to perform a diagnosis in a health organization;

- Ability to perform a development project for the organization diagnosed.



Subject matter

1. Market and Institutional dimension of health organizations;

2. Organizational structure: mechanical and professional bureaucracies;

3. Organizational culture;

4. Diagnosis and organizational change;

5. Change Management. Planned and emergent;

6. Project organizational innovation / entrepreneurship: development and informatics technology of my life.


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Teaching method

The teaching methodology is focused on the discussion of cases and students support in the design of a specific project in an existing organization or one to create.

Evaluation method