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Communication Sciences




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Education objectives

Access conditions

Any student can carry out a minor taught in FCSH/NOVA, or in any academic unity of UNL since the main scientific area of her/his study programme is different of the minor.

Degree pre-requisites

Number of credits the student has to perform to complete the minor: 30
Does not confer degree or diploma.

Access to other courses

Not applicable.

Evaluation rules

Academic Regulation for curricular units evaluation is available at intranet.


Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
711011017 Philosophy of Communication - 1st semester 6
711011055 Mediation of Knowledge - 1st and 2nd semester 6
711011041 Argumentation and Rhetoric - 2nd semester 6
711011043 Systems Thinking and Information - 1st and 2nd semester 6
711011046 Theory of Communication - 1st and 2nd semester 6
Elective option 2
Code Name ECTS
711011006 Communication and Social Sciences - 1st and 2nd semester 6
711011044 Sociology of Communication - 1st and 2nd semester 6
Elective option 3
Code Name ECTS
711011016 Filmology - 1st and 2nd semester 6
711011042 Semiotics - 1st and 2nd semester 6
711011048 Theory of Image and Representation - 2nd semester 6
711011053 Drama and Performance Theories Theories of Drama and Performance - 1st semester 6
711011068 Textualities - 1st semester 6
Elective option 4
Code Name ECTS
711011012 Media Discourse - 1st semester 6
711011024 History of the Media - 2nd semester 6
711011032 Media in Mutation - 1st and 2nd semester 6
711011049 News Theory - 1st semester 6