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History - Medieval History


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September 2018





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Academic Regulation for curricular units evaluation is available at intranet. Students at FCSH/NOVA are evaluated based on the work developed over a semester, based on class participation, presentation of written and oral tests and examinations. The result obtained either by continuous assessment or evaluation of the tests is expressed on a scale of 0 to 20. To be approved, students must have at least 10 points to pass, however, who fail have a second chance to repeat the exams. SPECIAL PROCEDURES FOR EVALUATION: - Worker-Student - Students with the status of top athletes - Mothers and fathers students - Associative leaders - Military - Other special arrangements provided legally. Students with special needs can benefit from teaching and learning conditions to meet their needs.


Code Name ECTS
722051293 Supervision Seminar - 1st semester 5
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722051263 Historiography of the Middle Ages 10
722051092 Mental Categories: Practices and Representations in the Middle Ages - 2nd semester 10
722051264 História da Cidade Medieval (not translated) 10
722051265 History of Private Life in the Middle Ages - 1st semester 10
722051290 History of Medieval Lisbon - 1st semester 10
722051248 Igreja e Realeza na Idade Média (not translated) - 1st semester 10
722051303 Paleografia Medieval (not translated) - 1st semester 10
722051167 Power Systems in the Middle Ages 10
722051169 Society and Culture in the Middle Ages - 2nd semester 10
722051175 Territórios, Cidades e Paisagens na Idade Média (not translated) 10
Elective option 2
Code Name ECTS
722051304 Dissertação em História - História Medieval (not translated) 55
722051305 Estágio com Relatório em História - História Medieval (not translated) 55
722051306 Trabalho de Projecto em História - História Medieval (not translated) 55