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Translation - Spanish


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Opening date

Not offered in 2018/2019.




Education objectives

1) To deepen and to develop the linguistic competences in Spanish and Portuguese for applications of translation
2) To acquire knowledge and skills of research and self-formation in specialized languages in the specific areas of translation (literary, technical, scientific, pragmatic) in the Spanish and Portuguese languages;
3) Acquire the ability to design and carry out research, application projects or professional training in the specific areas of Spanish translation.

Access conditions

Please consult the general page of the course at www.fcsh.unl.pt

Degree pre-requisites

Please consult the general page of the course at www.fcsh.unl.pt

Access to other courses

Please consult the general page of the course at www.fcsh.unl.pt

Evaluation rules

Academic Regulation for curricular units evaluation is available at intranet. Students at FCSH/NOVA are evaluated based on the work developed over a semester, based on class participation, presentation of written and oral tests and examinations. The result obtained either by continuous assessment or evaluation of the tests is expressed on a scale of 0 to 20. To be approved, students must have at least 10 points to pass, however, who fail have a second chance to repeat the exams. SPECIAL PROCEDURES FOR EVALUATION: - Worker-Student - Students with the status of top athletes - Mothers and fathers students - Associative leaders - Military - Other special arrangements provided legally. Students with special needs can benefit from teaching and learning conditions to meet their needs.


Code Name ECTS
722160070 Translation Studies - 2nd semester 10
722101033 History and Theory of Translation - 1st semester 10
722131041 Comparative Linguistics - 2nd semester 10
722160002 Information Technology for Translation - 1st semester 6
72211310 Scientific Translation (Spanish) 6
72211312 Literary Translation (Spanish) 6
72211311 Pragmatic Translation 6
72211313 Technical Translation (Spanish) 6
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722113134 Dissertation in Translation - Specialization in Spanish 33
72211316 Work Experience with Report in Translation - Specialtization in Spanish 33
722113135 Project in Translation - Specialization in Spanish 33