Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Crossways in Cultural Narratives


Segundo ciclo




Isabel Oliveira Martins; Ana Paiva Morais

Opening date

September 2018



7000€/total= 3500€/anual (for citizens of countries members of UE, Islândia, Liechtenstein, Noruega, Turquia and Macedónia) 14000€/total e 7000€ (citizens of other countries)


(to be available at http://www.fcsh.unl.pt/ensino/mestrados)

Education objectives

At the end of a personalised itinerary, students will have acquired the linguistic, methodological, cultural and personal skills allowing them to envisage either doctoral study or a career in the fields of management, the arts, teaching and communication (specialised journalism, professional criticism, television or radio production, advertising, public relations, documentation etc.).
They will have developed the capacities of conception, synthesis and analysis required of decision-makers in high office, as well as the multimedia and computing skills indispensable to those called upon to work with historical and cultural data. They will be able to lead discussion groups, preside over commissions and direct teams of action in a large variety of contexts: national or international institutions for cultural action, public or private inter-cultural exchanges, political responsibilities, public relations on behalf of multinational corporations, immigration, etc.

Access conditions

Please consult the application call available at www.fcsh.unl.pt

Degree pre-requisites

Length: 4 semesters
Student must acquire 120 ECTS, of which 70 are for taught courses. Credits to accomplish the non taught component are acquired globally, this is, a Dissertation Report I (5 ECTS) or a Dissertation Report II (10 ECTS), a Tutorial Seminar and Dissertation (40 ECTS) which totals 45 or 50 ECTS.
The degree of “mestre” corresponds to the level 7 of the NQF and EQF-National Qualifications Framework/European Qualifications Framework.

Access to other courses

Access to study programmes leading to a doctoral degree.

Evaluation rules



Code Name ECTS
722160062 Dissertação – módulo Intertextualidades 30
722160066 Dissertation Seminar - 2nd semester 10
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722160000 Crítica Literária: Cultura e História (not translated) 10
722121033 English Literature Studies - 1st semester 10
722001037 Practices and Representations of the Body - 2nd semester 10
722091133 Problematics of Literary Criticism - 1st semester 10
722160003 Culture Theory - 1st semester 10
722160004 Teoria da Literatura (not translated) - 2nd semester 10
722091104 Feminist Theory and Literary Experience - 1st semester 10
Elective option 2
Code Name ECTS
722091123 Portuguese Literary Canon 10
722091081 Contemporary Portuguese Literature - 1st semester 10
722091126 Themes of Literature in Portuguese - 2nd semester 10
Elective option 3
Code Name ECTS
722160063 Estágio em Narrativas Culturais: Convergências e Aberturas (not translated) - 2nd semester 5
722160075 Preparation of a dissertation - 1st semester 5
722160076 Trabalho Preparatório da Dissertação II (not translated) - 1st semester 10
Elective option 4
Code Name ECTS
722111042 Myths and Heroic Models - 1st semester 10
722091125 Problems of Traditional Literature 10