Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Language Acquisition and Impairment: Challenges of Language Neuroscience in the 21st Century


Curso de Pós-graduação


Not awarded


Maria Sousa Lobo Gonçalves; Sofia Lynce de Faria (ICS Católica)

Opening date

February 2019




1800 €/Total


to be available at http://fcsh.unl.pt/formacao-ao-longo-da-vida/esrtudos-pos-graduados/cursos-de-especializacao/aquisicao-e-pertubacoes#section-7

Education objectives

Access conditions

Degree pre-requisites

The approval in all course units confers the diploma of specialization course.

Access to other courses

Possibility of continuing studies in these scientific domains in degree-level study programmes.

Evaluation rules

It is considered the evaluation regulation in force in the host institution. Each curricular unit describes in detail the evaluation methods. The assessment of knowledge is individual and will take place at the end of the semester. The result of the evaluation will be expressed in the numerical scale from 0 to 20 values. 3) It is considered approved in a course unit the student that obtains the final classification equal or superior to 10 values.


Code Name ECTS
722131101 Language Acquisition and Language Impairment - 1st and 2nd semester 10
7220911676 Language Neuroscience (ICS-Católica) - 2nd semester 5
7220911675 Plurilingualism, Deafness and Sign Language (ICS-Católica) - 2nd semester 5
Classes will be held at NOVA FCSH and at ICS-Católica facilities (in the course units indicated above).
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722131102 Language Development in Multilingual Contexts - 2nd semester 10
722131106 Methodologies for the Study of Language Acquisition - 2nd semester 10
The student chooses one course unit.