Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

    Support services

    FCT NOVA has about 14 services, of which stand out the ones directly related to student support:

    Academic Division: it is responsible for executing all administrative processes related to the academic course of students, as well as supporting and promoting mobility, comprising:

    Advanced Training Support Division: support to management and execution of Doctoral Programs and postdoctoral fellowships, in collaboration with coordinators or advisers;

    Students and Graduates Support Office: psychological support to students, promotion, organization and management of the offer of extracurricular training and internships, as well as support for the professional insertion of graduates of the Faculty. It is structured in:

    Planning and Quality Management Division: supporting the implementation of quality practices; the evaluation processes and courses accreditation; developing a system for observing the insertion paths of the School graduates; performing the preparation of the school year; developing and manage the timetables and exam timetables and to reserve rooms for classes, evaluation tests or other activities; provide the courses programs;

    General Support Office: manage the computers belonging to laboratories and services as well as to support teachers, researchers and the non-teaching staff, by performing tasks that can facilitate their daily activities, like: helpdesk support; installation and maintenance of projectors and other classroom equipment; manage the loan of computers and of multimedia equipment.


    The latest of the FCT NOVA´s buildings is the Library, a Campus ex-libris for its architectural design and functionality. It has six reading rooms (2 work zones: a silent zone and a collaborative zone), with documentation in free access, accessible to all teachers, researchers, students and employees of  FCT NOVA and the general public. Provides the following services: home loan, interlibrary loan, referral service, users training, photocopying, printing and scanning, remote access to documentation in digital support.

    It is equipped with 42 computers, individual and group study offices, wireless net, equipment to people with motor disabilities, blind and amblyopic people, pest control system by anoxia, exhibition hall, auditorium and bar. 

    Related to study offices, students have at their disposal:

    • Individual study rooms: 40;
    • Group study rooms: 8.

    These offices are open from 9 am to 8 pm every working day.

    It also has an auditorium with 72 seats, a Preguiçodromo - Informal Reading Room, an Exhibition Room and the Laboratory of Design and Innovation, equipped with tools (hardware and software) that allow the production of multimedia contents with 3D printing, of great use in the elaboration of projects, communication materials, film and video production, etc.

    The Library also has a diverse annual cultural program: http://www.biblioteca.fct.unl.pt/agenda

    Other equipment

    Study facilities

    The FCT NOVA Campus offers its students a wide range of study rooms and offices. The study rooms, dispersed by the Campus, are divided into:

    • General study rooms: 2019m2;
    • Study rooms with computers: 666m2.

    Part of these study rooms, namely the study rooms located in Building VII of Campus, are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve.

    Other support services

    In the Campus there are also other services such as: convenience store, reprographics, stationery and day care.

    Interchange programs

    FCT NOVA has a wide range of international exchange programs, available for consultation at the following links:



    At FCT NOVA the internships and employment offer is under the Students and Graduates Support Office.

    This office is responsible for giving psychological support to students, as well as for the promotion, organization and management of the extracurricular offer of training and internships and for the employability support of faculty graduates, namely through the:

    Also available to FCT NOVA students is the FCT Emprego Portal, where are placed job informations, by students and companies.



    Language courses


    Food services

    Students may eat at the Faculty of Science and Technology Canteen, located on Caparica Campus.

    In addition to this space, there is a wide range of catering services, with bars and restaurants offering a total of 12 spaces:

    • Espaço Mais - Snack-Bar, with terrace. Location: Building VII and Departmental Building.
    • Girassol - Snack- Bar, with small terrace. Location: Building VIII
    • Restaurante c@mpus.come - Restaurante. Location: Canteen Building
    • Bar c@mpus - Snack-Bar, with terrace. Location: Library Building
    • Teresa Gato, Snack-Bar, with terrace. Location: Hangar I
    • Snack-bar SAS - Location: Canteen Building
    • Casa do Pessoal - Snack- Bar, with terrace. Location: Building I
    • D. Lídia - Location: Edifício II
    • Bar da UNINOVA - Location: UNINOVA Building
    • Mininova - Location: Building I
    • A Tia - Location: Canteen Building (social room)
    • My Spot - Location: floor 0 of the Canteen Building

    Special needs facilities

    FCT NOVA provides parking places specifically for students/academic staff with special needs, and also has access ramps to its buildings and lifts. It is also possible to carry out a case-by-case analysis to try and minimise any difficulties that such students/academic staff may feel.

    Extra curriculum activities


    Students associations

    AEFCT, Association of Students of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, was founded on November 8, 1979, with the purpose of defending the rights and interests of FCT NOVA students.

    The AEFCT organizes several cultural, pedagogical, sports and recreational activities annually, such as the Caloiro Week, the Nucleus Forum, JORTEC, Sport Tournaments, Workshop''''s and Lectures, among others. 

    Other information