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Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Terceiro ciclo





José Paulo Barbosa Mota

Opening date



2750,00 Euros/year for all students.


It depends on the working method of each training course. The working time for the classes will be agreed with each PhD student, or when there are more than 10 students in each year, it will be agreed with all students of the programme.

Education objectives

The PhD Programme in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering aims to be a project of excellence in the 3rd Cycle Training, strongly oriented towards research supported the proven experience of the Department of Chemistry, FCT / UNL and the laboratories of R & D partners.

The Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering aims to train highly qualified professionals can play an important role in terms of research, education, entrepreneurship and leadership in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and horizontally, in related areas such asEnvironment, Energy and Materials.

The central goal of this PhD program is to ensure that their holders develop:

  1. The ability to systematically understand in new situations or contexts multidisciplinary and comprehensive in the various areas of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering;
  2. Competencies, skills and research methods related to Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, in many respects, acquired through the components of a PhD and the research work conducted for the preparation of their thesis;
  3. The ability to create, to design and develop original research in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, identifying appropriate research methods to solve complex problems and no single solution in new situations or contexts that require use of multidisciplinary knowledge;
  4. The ability to carry out a substantial body of original research and competitive, in accordance with the requirements and standards accepted internationally, at least part of that investigation must have been published or has been accepted for publication in specialized journals with a systemindependent evaluation;
  5. Critical analysis of results, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex situations, solutions development and decision-making in situations of limited or incomplete information, and their evaluation;
  6. The ability to communicate with their peers, with the rest of the academic community and with society at large over the area of specialization, and the formulation of arguments and conclusions clearly and unambiguously;
  7. The capacity, using the knowledge and / or research findings, exemplify the link between knowledge and technology and reflect on the relevance of both social progress, cultural or technological.


The preferential recipients of the Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering are motivated candidates for the development of scientific career:

  1. Highly qualified young people from around the world, claiming a thorough scientific expertise with the characteristics of a PhD;
  2. Employees of Companies and Organizations in need of advanced skills;
  3. Teachers and Researchers of Schools of Higher Education;
  4. Researchers at institutes and research centres.