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European Master Study in Systems Dynamics


Segundo ciclo




Nuno Miguel Ribeiro Videira Costa

Degree pre-requisites

The European Master Study in System Dynamics comprises 3 semesters of course work (90 ECTS) and one semester for thesis work (30 ECTS). The programme of studies is offered by 4 different universities in the scope of the Erasmus Mundus Program. Students must take the following courses:
1st Semester: 30 ECTS at the University of Bergen, Norway;
2nd Semester: 30 ECTS in the area of Environmental Systems and Sustainability  at FCT-UNL, Portugal, or, alternatively, 30 ECTS in the area of Systems Dynamics at the University of Palermo, Italy;
3rd Semester: 30 ECTS at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands;
4th Semester: Preparation of the MSc dissertation (30 ECTS) in one of the 4 universities involved in the studies programme.

Scientific Area Acronym ECTS
Mandatory Optional
System Dynamics DS 90  
Environmental Systems and Sustainability or System Dynamics SAS / DS   30
TOTAL 90 30


Access to other courses

Access to a 3rd cycle


1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10249 Fundamentals of Dynamic Social Systems 10.0
10250 Model-based Analysis and Policy Design 10.0
10251 System Dynamics Modelling Process 10.0
2.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10253 Integrative Modelling 10.0
10255 Planning & Control Systems 6.0
10257 Planning, Policy Design and Management in the Public Sector 6.0
10252 Sustainability Science 10.0
10254 Sustainability Strategies Lab 10.0
10256 System Dynamics for Business Strategy 9.0
10258 System Dynamics for Planning, Policy Design and Management in the Public Sector 9.0
3.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10259 Computer Simulation Models and Organizational Decision-making 6.0
10260 Group Model Building I 6.0
10262 Group Model Building II 6.0
10263 Research Methodology 6.0
10261 Strategic Decision Making 6.0
4.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10264 Dissertation in Systems Dynamics 30.0