Faculdade de Direito

First Cycle - Law


Primeiro ciclo



ECTS Coordinator

Helena Pereira de Melo

Education objectives

The First Cycle is the foundation of every student's legal studies. It has the following specific goals:
a) To ensure that students acquire a thorough knowledge of the main subjects and its central concepts, and to familiarise them with major theories of law (both past and contemporary);
b) To encourage an interdisciplinary, critical approach to the law as a means to understanding the complexity of legal phenomena;
c) To develop an awareness of the relative character of legal systems and their theoretical, cultural, and ideological foundations. A strong emphasis is placed on the study of other legal systems and on the comparison of the Portuguese legal order with geographically and historically distant ones.

Access conditions

Relevant admissions information

Faculty code: 0911
Degree code: 9078
Number of degree vacancies (2010-2011): 100

University access examinations
(11) History and (18) Portuguese

Minimum marks
Application mark: 100 points
University access mark: 95 points

Calculation formula
Secondary education average: 50%
University access examinations: 50%

Evaluation rules

1. Evaluation generally consists of a final written exam but other elements can be taken into account as long as students are duly informed of what is going to be considered. Different methods of evaluation may exceptionally be authorised by the Scientific Council. Students may sit exams only once per term. Those who fail may resit exams only at the end of the following term.

2. Bachelor degrees are granted to those students who have obtained 240 credits and successfully completed all compulsory subjects.


First Cycle - Law
Code Name ECTS
LL101 Analysis Of Legal Discourse 4
LL102 Economic Analysis of Law 4
LL103 Legal Anthropology 4
LL104 Political Science 4
LL106 Administrative Law 8
LL107 Constitutional Law 8
LL108 Portuguese Constitutional Law 8
LL109 Social Equality Law 4
LL110 European Union Law 6
LL111 Law Of Obligations 8
LL112 Law Of Persons And Family Law 8
LL113 Company Law 8
LL114 Law Of Contract 8
LL115 Budgetary And Tax Law 6
LL116 International Public Law 6
LL117 International Criminal Law 4
LL118 Administrative Courts Procedure Law 6
LL119 Civil Procedure Law 8
LL120 Civil Procedural Law - Execution Proceedings 6
LL121 Criminal Procedure Law 8
LL122 Fundamental Rights 4
LL123 Property Law 8
LL125 Public Economics 4
LL127 History Of Political Thought 4
LL128 History Of Law 6
LL129 History Of The State 4
LL130 Legal Information And Documentation 2
LL133 Macroeconomics 6
LL134 Microeconomics 6
LL135.A Law And Legal Thought 8
LL135.B Law And Legal Thought 8
LL136 International Relations 4
LL137 Law Of Torts 6
LL138 Comparative Legal Systems 4
LL139 Sociology Of Law 4
LL140 Communication Techniques (And Drafting) 2
LL141 Theory Of Criminal Law 8
LL142.A 6
LL142.B 6
LL143 Theory Of Crime (Dogmatics) 8
LL144 Theory Of Procedure Law 8
LL145 General Theory Of Private Law 8
LL146 Pre-professional training work 4
LL147.A 8
LL147.B 8
LL147.C 8
LL147.D 8
LM101 Civil And Commercial Contracts 6
LM102 Criminal Law: Specific Offenses 4
LM103 Administrative Procedure Law 4
LM104 European Union Law – Particular Topics 6
LM105 Law and Economics 4
LM106 Family Law 4
LM107 Successions Law 6
LM109 Labour Law 6
LM110 Tax Law 6
LM111 Private International Law 6