Faculdade de Direito

Mestrado em Direito e Economia do Mar


Segundo ciclo


Master's degree

ECTS Coordinator

Jorge Bacelar Gouveia, Armando Marques Guedes e Vasco Becker-Weinberg

Education objectives

Provide in-depth knowledge of issues relating to the sea in various fields: legal, political, geostrategic, economic and technological.

Access conditions

The conditions of admission are those listed in Decree-Law n.º 74/2006:

a) Holders of degree or legal equivalent;

b) Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this process;

c) Holders of a foreign academic degree that is recognized by the Scientific Council as meeting the goals of a degree;

d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of FDUNL.

Evaluation rules

The course lasts for four semesters and the student must complete 120 ECTS to obtain a master's degree. In the first two semesters, the student must complete the academic part and is intended to last two semesters the preparation of Dissertation, Project Work or Internship Report.


Mestrado em Direito e Economia do Mar
Code Name ECTS
MM148 International Law of the Sea and Maritime Law 4
MM149 European Law of the Sea 4
MM150 International Tribunals and the Sea 4
MM151 International Commercial Maritime Law 6
MM156 Oil and Gas Law 4
MM158 Insurance Law 4
MM166 Maritime Security 4
MM167 Maritime Policies 4
MM168 Maritime-Portuary Management and Portuary Law 4
MM169 Natural Marine Resources and The Economy of the Sea 6
MM170 The Sea and Maritime Identity 4
MM172 National and European Financing and Integration of Policies and Development 4
MM173 Maritime Law and Civil Responsibility 4