Faculdade de Direito

Mestrado em Direito e Gestão


Segundo ciclo


Master's degree

ECTS Coordinator

Vasco Santos (NOVA SBE) e Vítor Neves (FDUNL)

Education objectives

1. To broaden the knowledge of law in the most relevant areas for the needs of business customers.

2. Acquire Management of knowledge, particularly in terms of organizations, Marketing, Strategy, Finance and Human Resource Management.

3. To acquire, improve and develop personal skills in the areas of leadership, team management, communication and negotiation.

4. Understand and better interpret the financial information of companies, being able to make the connection between the legal concepts, its accounting representation and the underlying financial reality .

Access conditions

This course is aimed at:

a) Young lawyers wishing to specialization as business lawyers;

b) Licensed in Law and related fields who wish to exercise management activities or start a business career;

c) Legal experts with involvement in business matters.

Evaluation rules

The course is organized into modules that cover different aspects of business activity. The contents of each module establishes a link between effective management companies , the economic context and the framework and the relevant legal regime.


Mestrado em Direito e Gestão
Code Name ECTS
MG004 10
MG005 6
MG006 9