Faculdade de Direito

Second Cycle - Law and Security


Segundo ciclo


Master's degree

ECTS Coordinator

Jorge Bacelar Gouveia

Education objectives

The course aims to give specialized training on security matters , but a multidisciplinary integrated optics.

It has a duration of 4 semesters. The 1st and 2nd semesters, with success, lead to Postgraduate Studies Diploma and confer the title of Auditor in Homeland Security - Portaria No. 326/2008 of 28 April (old Advanced Studies in Law and Security).

The 3rd and 4th semesters are destined to the Master's Thesis preparation and lead to the degree of Master of Law and Security.

Access conditions

Candidates who have completed a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Evaluation rules

The students with at least 80% attendance in each of the six units of the course are evaluated by the presentation of two new research on topics of two courses and for conducting written examinations corresponding to the matter of the remaining four courses.


Second Cycle - Law and Security
Code Name ECTS
MS101 5
MS102 Security and Globalization 5
MS103 International Security Law 5
MS104 European Security Law 5
MS105 Security, State and Constitution 5
MS106 National Defence and Military Law 5
MS107 Home Security and Police Law 5
MS108 Criminal Investigation 5
MS109 Intelligence 5
MS110 Safety and Civil Defence 5
MS111 Cybersecurity 5
MS112 Private Security 5