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Law and Financial Markets


Segundo ciclo


Master's degree

ECTS Coordinator

Margarida Lima Rego (FDUNL), Fernando Bação (NOVA IMS) e Jorge Bravo (NOVA IMS).

Education objectives

This course aims to:

a) Sedimentary and deepen the basic legal knowledge acquired in the degree, particularly in areas with a closer link to markets and investments;

b) To encourage a critical and interdisciplinary approach to knowledge, providing the acquisition of own knowledge base of other branches of knowledge, in order to give the lawyer the tools necessary to understand the key products and financial instruments and the quantification of activity and management risks, increasing its capacity to integrate knowledge, handle complex issues, develop solutions and make judgments on limited or incomplete information situations;

c) Preparation for professional life by facilitating their approach to the way we think and act in financial markets and increasing the ability to understand and solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations.

Access conditions

The Master in Law and Financial Markets presents itself as a tool for increasing the knowledge of who already holds a law degree, giving preference in admission to holders of a degree or equivalent in law.

Evaluation rules

The curricular component ( 1st and 2nd semesters) corresponds to 60 ECTS and consists of 12 courses, 10 of which are compulsory and 2 are optional. Students can choose to attend two of the four optional courses offered by the course or attend other courses that may be consistent with the objectives of this master with a reasoned proposal.


Law and Financial Markets
Code Name ECTS
MM120 International Tax Law 6
MM124 Economic Criminal Law 6
MM130 Legal English 4
MM145 Regulation and Supervision of Financial Markets 4
MM156 Oil and Gas Law 4
MM157 Banking Law 6
MM158 Insurance Law 4
MM159 Financial Instruments Law 4
MM160 Financial Markets and Investments 6
MM161 Principles of Corporate Finance 6
MM162 Finance Contracts 4
MM163 Introduction to Data Analysis 6
MM164 Banking and Insurance Operations 6
MM165 Introduction to Financial Derivatives and Risk Management 6
MS111 Cybersecurity 5