Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier

Biochemistry for Health


Segundo ciclo



ECTS Coordinator

Pedro Matias


Teresa Catarino

Opening date

October 10th at 3pm in room 2.13


1º período candidaturas
15 de Maio a 26 de Julho


2º período candidaturas
14 de Agosto a 11 Setembro

5 *

Total de vagas 1ª Fase


1067.85 Eur (Portuguese and EU nationals) or 7000 Eur (all others).


Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 17h00

Education objectives

The main objective of this Master programme is to provide a solid education in Biochemistry directed to multidisciplinary areas of research and development of Human Health, including sectors of industry and services.

In addition to training, the specific objectives aim at fostering skill and ability development.

Specific objective 1 - Development of abilities and skills:

Collect and interpret scientific data
Reason based on the most current scientific knowledge
Adapt to new situations and make decisions
Prepare and deliver oral and written presentations reporting scientific results

Specific objective 2 - Training:

Critical evaluation of experimental results grounded in intensive laboratory practice
Mathematical modeling of biological systems
Search of relevant scientific databases and use of specific software
Use of specialized scientific equipment

Degree pre-requisites

a) "Licenciado" or Master degree or its legal equivalent;
b) Foreign University degree obtained after a first or second cycle of studies organized in observance of the principles of the Bologna Treaty by a member State that signed this Treaty;
c) Foreign University degree that has been recognized as fulfilling the objectives of a "licenciado" degree by the Scientific Councils of FCT-UNL, ITQB-UNL or FCM-UNL;
d) Academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized as sufficient to enroll in the study cycle by the Scientific Council of the Master in Biochemistry for Health.