Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier

Introduction to the Research Lab


Curso de Pós-graduação


Not awarded


Beatriz Royo e Abel Oliva

Opening date

Applications and registrations open all year.


Depende das vagas disponíveis nos laboratórios que os candidatos contactam.


Tuition fees: Not available (for external students)
Registration: 25,00 euros


This course unit will last for a period of 6 to 8 weeks in a research laboratory.

Education objectives

This course intends to initiate students on a scientific activity, to develop his/her critical sense, creativity, oral and written skills and to promote scientific autonomy, together with the development of scientific communication skills before an audience. These objectives will be accomplished by the students’ integration in research laboratories from any of the Institutes that form the Associated Laboratory of Oeiras (ITQB-IGC-IBET-CEDOC). Each student will have a supervisor.

Access conditions

Research Integration is destined to first cycle students in the areas of science and technology but other candidates can be accepted after approval of the Research Integration Course Coordinator. Number of credits: 6 ECTS and 40 hours on a total of contact hours.

Evaluation rules

The approval classification is given on a scale between 10-20 mark. This course is composed by one curricular unit.
The evaluation of this curricular unit is as following:
1) Continuous assessment by the supervisor(s) of the student – 40%;
2) Assessment of the report of the research project. This assessment will be made by the supervisor(s) of the student – 25%;
3) Assessment of the work in a public presentation (discussion and activity report). The presentation will be evaluated by the coordinators of the course – 35%.
The evaluation will occur twice in each academic year in dates still to define, one in November/December and another one in June/July.