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Pós-Graduação em Mercados e Riscos Financeiros


Curso de Pós-graduação


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Education objectives

The Postgraduate Program of Financial Markets and Risks combines a prestigious teaching staff, that aligns knowledge and scientific rigor with practical experience, current and innovative contents with a strong applied component, in a structured program providing staff at financial sectors a specialized training in the creation, analysis and assessment of financial instruments, with a particular focus on derivatives, and the identification and implementation of integrated technical analysis and management of assets, liabilities and financial risks.

The main goals of this program are:

- Analysis and detailed assessment of the main financial products and instruments, with particular focus on derivatives;

- Identification and development of integrated technical analysis and management of several financial risks, whether in terms of their coverage, and conduct of speculation and arbitrage transactions;

- Development of analytical skills and decision in management of assets and liabilities, particularly in management of investment portfolio, treasury, pension funds and management of investment funds;

- Development of techniques and processes for financial innovation, notably the development and evaluation of new products, asset classes and operations

Applications - academic year 2018-2019
To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae, pay the application fee (€ 51), and submit the application in the end, until July 5th, 2018. The selection process is based on the analysis of the applicant's academic and professional curriculum.

Access conditions

The requirements for the applications are: a degree in a compatible field (complete until September 2018); analysis of the applicants' academic and professional curriculum.

Degree pre-requisites

To earn the postgraduate program diploma, it is required to complete 60 ECTS, corresponding to 9 course units, structured in sequential quarterly cycles of 2 course units (except Cycle I).

Access to other courses

This Postgraduate Program gives access to the Master degree program in Statistics and Information Management, with a specialization in Risk Analysis and Management, upon the development and presentation of a thesis, work project or final report of a professional internship, and the approval of the course units:

  • Research Methodologies
  • Solvency Models or Banking and Insurance Operations.

The Master degree program in Statistics and Information Management, with a specialization in Risk Analysis and Management, is ranked as the best Master degree program in Insurance in Portugal, the 2nd best in Europe and in the World by Eduniversal - international agency that publishes an annual ranking of the best MBA and Master's degrees in the world.

Evaluation rules


1º year - Autumn semester
Code Name ECTS
400056 Foreign Exchange and Money Markets 3.0
400057 Quantitative Methods in Finance 4.5
400058 Corporate Valuation and Portfolio Management 7.5
400059 Bond Markets 7.5
400060 Financial Derivatives 7.5
1º year - Spring semester
Code Name ECTS
400061 Banking, Insurance and Longevity-Linked Securities 7.5
400062 Financial Options and Structured Products 7.5
400063 Asset and Liability Management 7.5
400064 Market and Credit Risks 7.5