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    The Nova School of Business and Economics Library is committed to providing effective access to information resources and services specially designed to meet the curriculum, research and teaching needs of the scholarly environment.

    We offer:

    • More than 30.000 books;
    • More than 14.000 eBooks;
    • Hundreds of scientific journals in print;
    • Access to over 20.000 electronic journals;
    • More than 40 subscription databases which include full-text journal articles, data, working papers, and reports;
    • Remote access to the majority of our electronic resources (Nova SBE students, staff, and faculty);

    Our services include:

    • Book, journal, and other material loans;
    • Inter-library loans;
    • Specialized training sessions on our resources;
    • A quiet study environment with over 200 individual study spots;
    • Participation in cooperative efforts, national projects and other consortia;
    • Support for academic staff, including; compiling bibliographies, identifying and locating resources and putting recommended readings on reserve;
    • Competent and skilled staff to identify, locate and meet user information needs;

    Other equipment


    Interchange programs

    Exchange programs

    Students at NOVA School of Business and Economics have the opportunity to study during one semester, in a foreign University, often under the ERASMUS protocol. Nova SBE usually sends around 350 students to study abroad to more than 160 Universities, in 50 different countries, with which our school has bilateral agreements. Students can apply to the exchange program twice a year, since there are two calls - in November and March, through which they are ranked and selected to the respective universities of their choice. This experience gives the students the opportunity to study in some of the best schools in the world, gain more knowledge and enrich their curricular and personal background.



    The Career Services goal is to promote Nova SBE students happiness by supporting their self-awareness and market knowledge and providing guidance and resources to enable them to making successful career choices. Thus, the Career Development Program, designed for both Bachelor and Masters’ students, comprises several relevant activities within four main blocks – Self-awareness, Market Knowledge, Career Planning and Recruitment Processes – in order to promote students’ successful placement during and after the completion of their academic program.

    An experienced and knowledgeable Career Services team empowers Nova SBE students to achieve a meaningful career, by supporting and inspiring them through Career Modules, Counseling Sessions, Corporate Events, Online Resources and Mentoring Programs. The Career Services provides students with the necessary tools and advice throughout their academic programs, but ultimately they need to be proactive and responsible to find their placement in the job market.

    The Career Management Office (CMO) is responsible for providing support to students on all matters related to their transition to the labor market. With this objective, the Career Development Program was created comprising various activities that will help students set personal and professional goals, acquire the skills to meet these and benefit from the contacts and brand recognition in the market of New SBE network. Students must make the best use of the CMO services and tools available to increase your chances of finding the job you want. The CMO exists to give support and advice, but students are responsible for being proactive and find their own placement.

    More information on the Carrer Management office



    Undergraduate programs

    Awards for the Undergratuate programs:

    • i) Banco de Portugal award (OK)

      Given by the Bank of Portugal to the best student, from among various universities, having the highest grade point average in the Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

    • ii) Democracía e desenvolvimento - UNL award

      Instituted by Prof. Doutor Aníbal Cavaco Silva in the amount of the Carl Bertelsmann Award given to the student having the highest grade point average in the Bachelor´s Degree in Economics.

    • iii) Boston consulting group award (OK)

      Given by BCG - Boston Consulting Group to the best student in the course of Strategy.

    • iv) FISIPE - Fibras sintéticas de Portugal award (OK)

      Given by Fisipe - Fibras Sintéticas de Portugal to the best student in the course of Financial Accounting.

    • v) Coca-Cola Iberian Partners award (OK)

      Given to the best student in the course of Marketing.

    Grants for the Undergratuate programs:

    Merit grants

    The Ministry of Education could give, a Merit Grant to the best student of the undergraduate degree in Economics and to the best student of the undergraduate degree in Management of that year.(Note: students are eligible for this grant starting from the second year of their undergraduate studies).

    Need based scholarships:

    • i) The Universidade Nova de Lisboa, through its Social Services, gives need based scholarships so that no student is excluded from taking undergraduate studies due to financial restrictions.

      For more information:

    • ii) beNova Scholarship: Bachelors students at Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) with financial restrictions may apply to win a beNova scholarship. This scholarship program was launched in 2012 by alumni students to ensures that talented students are able to pursue their studies at Nova SBE, independently of their financial means.

      For more information:

    Language courses

    Language Courses

    Masters students at Nova SBE have an option to take Spanish, Portuguese and French classes on-campus, as part of their Masters Program. Limited vacancies available. International students can attend a Portuguese Course with our partner school Faculdade de Ciencias Socias e Humanas, part of UNL. Additionally, Nova SBE partners with ILNOVA for other language courses.

    For more information visit:

    Food services


    Special needs facilities


    Extra curriculum activities


    Students associations


    Other information


    Brief Description
    AIESEC in Nova
    AIESEC is a global youth-led organization striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Together with partner organizations, AIESEC facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships.
    CEMS Club Lisbon
    CEMS Club Lisbon was created in 2009 with the main goal of engaging the student community of the CEMS Master’s in Management program. Throughout the year, CCL organizes events to bridge the gap between active students, alumni and corporate partners, and ultimately provide its community with a fulfilling experience full of the world-renowned CEMS spirit and culture.
    Economics without borders
    Our mission is to promote a broader teaching of economics and to study society from a multidimensional perspective, taking into account social phenomena in all their complexity. In that sense, our purpose consists in organizing initiatives that approach several schools of economic thought, that promote the debate of contemporary eminent questions, and to offer Nova SBE’s students a multitude of opinions over diverse topics, enlarging and stimulating discussion.
    Green Nova
    Green Nova is focused on sustainability and social impact. We seek to raise awareness in the business world and improve Nova SBE's sustainable by practices.
    MSN - Masters Student Network
    The MSN - Masters Student Network has been created to improve student life at NOVA Masters and to guide students in their initiative and motivation. • Umbrella Social organization • Brings together students and Alumni of the NOVA Masters • Offers a variety of clubs, services and extra-curricular projects • Encourages an inclusive campus environment that is culturally active and responsive to our community of students.
    NEC - Nova Economics Club
    The purpose of the club is to enable students to actively participate in projects outside the university, as a way to apply their academic knowledge to practical and valuable situations.
    NIC - Nova Investment Club
    The Nova Investment Club's (NIC) objective is to stimulate students’ interest and understanding of Financial Markets and to bridge the relation between the corporate and academic world while fostering a positive social environment for networking and fun. The club has two core technical divisions, the Financial Markets and the Investment Banking division.
    NIC - Undegraduate Division
    The Nova Investment Club - Undergraduate Division (NIC-UD) is the finance and investment club of the Nova School of Business and Economics undergraduate student community.
    Nova CAFÉ Club
    NovaCAFÉ was created to boost and promote culture through activities to all students related to urban, literary, musical, cinematographic, performing and plastic arts. We believe there’s a lack of incentive and support to continue to invest in hobbies, talents and skills post-admission to college. We are a collective of students who want to build an inclusive community within Nova. The name of our club Nova CAFE is an acronym for: “Colectivo de Artistas da Faculdade de Economia”. Our main goal is to push Nova’s community to not give up on their talents, but to cultivate them and keep on developing them. Through exhibitions of students’ works and young artists, contests, challenges, get-togethers, workshops and TED talks, we can give to the students the tools, means and short-term goals to grow their skills. On the other side, by creating a community directed to the arts theme, we provide the perfect opportunity to meet people with the same interests and different knowledge, which will allow an exchange of ideas and acquirements between the members themselves. All-in-all we’re targeting everyone that has interest in any art, willingness to learn, to teach or to simply enjoy others work.
    Nova Debate
    NOVA Debate is Universidade NOVA de Lisboa’s official debate society. As it is our belief that the academy must exist in permanent dialogue with the world that surrounds it, we promote the critical spirit and expression of ideas within the academy with weekly debates, periodic workshops and conferences, as well as participation in national debate tournaments.
    Nova Junior Consulting
    Nova Junior Consulting (NJC) is Nova School of Business and Economics’ student-run consulting firm. We specialize in providing strategic, financial and management consulting services by offering our clients the knowledge and skills we develop at Nova SBE, Portugal’s top Business School.
    Nova Marketing Club
    The Nova Marketing Club aims at providing its members with a hands-on experience in the marketing field. We focus on activities such as Strategic Marketing projects, workshops, events and Sessions with experts on the field in order to enable our members to both put their knowledge into practice and understand what their future career should be.
    Nova Running Club
    Nova Running Club is an initiative created by students of Nova School of Business and Economics with the intention of joining members willing to run on a regular basis, and at the same time contribute to a social cause of raising funds for charities.
    Nova Skills Association
    Founded in 2010, NOVA Skills Association believes that Soft Skills are the most powerful catalyzers of talent and drivers of success. The Association is committed to offering all students an annual Soft Skills Training Program of proven excellence; while also providing its members with a real management experience and an internal personalized Soft Skills development program.
    Nova Social Consulting
    The Nova Social Consulting is a students' club based in Nova SBE that offers pro-bono consulting services to NGOs and Social Enterprises.
    Nova Social Investment Fund
    The Social Investment Fund is 100% run by Nova SBE students. Its goal, first and foremost, is to give students a chance to get hands-on experience in securities trading, but also to have a positive impact on society by donating our returns to causes we believe in.
    Nova Surf Club
    Nova Surf Club was created with the aim of promoting surfing and other water sports among students. We have sponsors and partnerships with several surf schools, stores, board producers, etc., which gives us the ability to promote surfing at lower prices for students. If you want to know more you can find us at @novasurfclub.
    Nova Tech Club
    Our mission is to link the world of business to the world of technology. We equip business students with valuable knowledge about technology trends, give them insights into the industry and provide access to tech-related firms.
    Nova Women in Business
    Nova Women In Business seeks to empower future female leaders by uniting them through business education and experience and globally promote the female role in the entrepreneurial world.
    NOVAFRICA Student Group
    Spotlight is NOVA’s new acting and drama club! Come to our open rehearsals and join us if you share the passion. Spotlight recruits for an original comedy play as well as for other performances. Are you interested? Then contact us and join the dark side of the curtain.
    Portfolio Management Club
    The Portfolio Management Club is a club for business and economics students interested in a career in investment management, private equity or investment banking to connect with each other, the investment community, and alumni. The Club offers students a unique opportunity to acquire real world investment analysis and portfolio management skills through management of a student-run, globally-oriented equity portfolio.
    Spotlight Nova Acting Club
    Spotlight is NOVA’s new acting and drama club ! Come to our open rehearsals and join us if you share the passion. Spotlight recruits for an original comedy play as well as for other performances. Are you interested ? Then contact us and join the dark side of the curtain.
    Tuna Fortuna
    ForTuna is a musical association created in February 1993. Considered the second family of 40 elements, it promotes traditional music and academic spirit. Represents NovaSBE in events across the country, presenting to the public multiple original songs and covers. Rehearsals: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7pm, A14
    Creative Hub
    The Creativity Hub’s purpose is to help students develop their creative abilities by inspiring them to get out of their comfort zone through learning new creative skill sets, exposing and connecting them to successfully creative professionals and teaching them design thinking.
    Case Team
    To capacitate its members in terms of both hard and soft skills, always having as a benchmark the current business environment needs. To train problem solving and presentation skills, as much as the ability to work under pressure, develop an innovative and analytical thinking in a team dynamic through hands-on experiences.