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Masters in Finance


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Miguel Ferreira

Education objectives

- Possess knowledge and capacity for understanding at a level that builds upon and enriches that acquired at Undergraduate level.

- Show evidence that they have applied their developed knowledge in an original format, frequently in the context of a research project.

- Ability to apply their knowledge and capacity to comprehend and resolve problems in new and unfamiliar situations, in broader contexts, beyond those directly related to their area of study.

- Capacity to integrate knowledge, deal with complex questions, develop solutions or emit judgments in situations where there is limited or incomplete information. An awareness of the ethical and social implications and responsibilities that result from these solutions and judgments or that condition them.

- Communicate conclusions, and the knowledge and reasoning underlying them in a clear and unambiguous fashion.

- Competencies that allow for a life-long learning experience in a fundamentally selfmotivated and autonomous manner.

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Degree pre-requisites

The Masters has an expected duration of 3 semesters, including two Academic Terms and the Work Project (dissertation) Term. Once registered, the students have a maximum of 6 academic terms to complete the Masters Program.

To graduate, the student must complete a minimum of 90 ECTS (maximum of 120 ECTS) divided in the following components:

a) Approve a minimum of 60 ECTS in the Academic courses;

b) Approve a Work Project - 30 ECTS.

Each semester the student is allowed to enroll up to a maximum of 35 ECTS. During the WP semester, students are only able to enroll in up to 14 ECTS (full or half courses).

Type of courses offered:

Full courses: 7 ECTS.

Short-courses: 3.5 ECTS.

Career Program: 2 ECTS.

Professional Development Modules: 2 ECTS

Access to other courses

aceso Ing


Code Name ECTS
2206 Banking 7
2229 Investments 7
2237 Financial Econometrics 7
2253 Corporate Finance 7
Fall 1st Half
Code Name ECTS
2156 Seminar on Current Economic and Financial Issues 3,5
2233 Macroeconomics of Financial Markets 3,5
2238 Financial Reporting 3,5
2578 Mastering Your Own Carrer 2
2217 Corporate Governance 3,5
2254 Strategic Marketing 3,5
2255 Financial Modeling 3,5
Fall 2nd Half
Code Name ECTS
2222 Financial Statement Analysis 3,5
2215 Auditing 3,5
2236 Private Equity 3,5
2243 Real Estate Finance 3,5
2255 Financial Modeling 3,5
2257 Futures and Options 3,5
Spring 1st Half
Code Name ECTS
2169 Financial Crises in History 3,5
2172 Numerical Methods and Matlab 3,5
2214 Asset Management 3,5
2218 Derivatives 3,5
2239 Corporate Valuation 3,5
2400 Organization and Incentives 3,5
2412 Managerial Accounting 3,5
2215 Auditing 3,5
Spring 2nd Half
Code Name ECTS
2204 Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring 3,5
2226 Hedge Funds 3,5
2235 Credit Risk 3,5
2240 Financial Intermediation 3,5
2364 Venture Simulation 3,5