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PhD in Management


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Professor Pedro Neves

Education objectives

Program Overview

The curriculum is designed to equip students with the tools to pursue the most challenging careers. While disciplined and rigorous in training, the program is also flexible for students to pursue their unique research interests. Students customize their program within their chosen discipline to their own goals and research interests. Upon acceptance into the PhD program, students are assigned to a thesis supervisor who accompanies the research process and development.

The PhD program runs on a full-time basis and students are expected to live in Lisbon throughout its duration. Typically, a student completes the PhD program within four years. In the first year, students complete core and elective courses and also a comprehensive specialization exam that ensures that students have acquired the necessary foundations of knowledge to advance in their studies. After a successful pass, the research and dissertation phase begins. Throughout their PhD program, students attend Research Seminars (with invited guests, faculty members, and PhD students), present their work in conferences and complete one semester abroad. At Nova SBE you will be specifically encouraged to attend job market conferences during your last year in the program.

Our four year program is strongly oriented toward preparing you as an independent researcher. With this in mind the first year of the program comprises core courses and electives that include the specializations where you can choose your particular field of interest.

The remaining period is dedicated to research with participation in Research Seminars.

Students should present their research in international conferences and spend the equivalent of one semester abroad.

Degree pre-requisites

Application Requirements

  • Applicants should hold a Masters. The degree can be in any field (e.g., the sciences, arts, and humanities).If you do not have a Masters, you can still be admitted to the PhD program contingent on finishing a Masters (or equivalent) en route;

  • Personal data/curriculum vitae;

  • Motivation letter;

  • Transcript of records;

  • Research Proposal;

  • Recommendation Letters;

In order to apply or for further information including application details, program structure, scholarships and program requirements kindly visit: PhD in Management at Nova SBE.

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